Prince Charles Just Endorsed Blockchain

Prince Charles Just Endorsed Blockchain

One crypto enthusiast made so that blockchain came out of the mouth of Prince Charles.

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One crypto enthusiast made so that blockchain came out of the mouth of Prince Charles. The Twitter user published a video on the social media, asking the heir what does he think of bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and blockchain.

It seems that at first, the Prince doesn’t get the question but then replies “Oh yes, it’s a very interesting development.” The footage was taken in Berlin, where the royal family is currently on a diplomatic visit.

The Tweeter asks several times but to no avail. Then all of a sudden, the Prince of Wales stops and finally gives an answer that some might say sounds like an endorsement. Interestingly, Prince Charles did not respond to either “bitcoin” nor “cryptocurrency”. However, when he heard “blockchain” he had a ready-made answer. Many people commenting on the original post mock the heir for his response claiming he endorsed the technology just to avoid looking like a fool.

Anyways, this is what I call a royal approval. As of writing, the tweet has already been retweeted 602. Apart from that, it has generated 2371 likes and 155 comments. I mean, I expect a bull market.

Just to get an idea of how viral the video went, someone did enough to have it recorded on the blockchain forever. You can see it for yourself at this address:

According to the Telegraph, the visit of Prince Charles and Camilla could be seen as an effort to keep warm relations following the upcoming Brexit. Indeed, this is not the first time we mention blockchain and Brexit in one article. During the past three years, many speculated that blockchain technology could provide a solution for the border problem that is soon to emerge once Great Britain leaves the EU, whereas the Republic of Ireland will remain within the Union.

Nevertheless, we remain quite skeptical here. The main problem is that putting a physical border with checkpoints would be a major step back for both countries. On the other side, the EU regulations require member states, which have common borders with non-member states to place checkpoints for strict border control. How exactly blockchain can change that, nobody really knows. Even blockchain supporters seem to have run out of fruitful ideas.