MoonCoin: Features And Specifications

Cryptocurrencies are a form of digital currency. Its prominence is catapulted by its two exclusive features that give it an edge over conventional currencies and that is; the use of cryptography- a security feature that makes it hard to counterfeit and its characteristic organic nature that makes it immune to manipulation or intervention from the government.

One such is Mooncoin which currently has more than 384 billion coins available. Astonishingly, this means that for every distance millimeter from Moon to Earth, there is a coin for it as well.

The main purpose of Mooncoin is to offer the big coin trading and hunting thrill although with a very long lasting stability. According to credible block release aims, Mooncoin is set to offer some good mining years for virtually all equipment types and also ages as well. Their launch is set to use an approach that is “shenanigan free” where they aim to offer an experience that is wonderful, fair and positive for everyone- in all fairness, Mooncoin is indeed headed for the MOON!

The current is not yet available on Poloniex or Coinbase.

With Mooncoin, you can now: 

· Be in a position to mine.

· Have exclusive access to a third-party pool that is trusted.

· Have block explorer access.

· Be stress-free when it comes to forked.


· Algorithm: Script

· Maximum coins: 384,400,000,000 MOON

· Block time: 90 seconds

· Pre-mining: None

· Difficulty re-target period: 8 hours


· The release date of the Mooncoin (2014, July 21st) coincides with the 45th anniversary marking the Apollo’s Lunar landing where 11 astronauts safely arrived on the moon. A single coin was released every time a US dollar was spent on the exclusive space program of the Apollo and continued at a 25.4 billion accelerated rate.

· Each block number that was based on this lunar cycle was awarded a comprehensive bonus of 2x payout.


The Mooncoin pool changes on a regular basis as well. Nonetheless, to get a consolidated complete pool list, the following site provides all the information for both the operational and even the known Mooncoin pools as well. (

When it comes to its configuration/nodes, DNS is used to do the Seeds. This eradicates the need to perform any manual commands (add node).



Block explorer:


Links: Reddit:


Over the years, the interest relative to this particular coin has significantly grown and it would not be any surprise to see it replace and fortify DOGE as among the substitute crypto coins that are most profitable in the market today.