Aussie Fraudster Used Charity Money For Crypto Trade

Aussie Fraudster Used Charity Money For Crypto Trade

Belle made blatant claims she has cancer and needs money for her treatment.

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Did you know that influencers suck? Well, not all of them but especially those who lie their followers do indeed suck. For instance, take a look at one of Australia’s most popular social media influencers. We present you the case of Annabelle “Belle” Gibson. Belle made blatant claims she has cancer and needs money for her treatment. Needless to say, her community was willing to help. But then it was unveiled she used the money to trade cryptocurrency. What a schmuck.

According to the Canberra Times, the Aussie authorities are already investigating Belle’s bank accounts. Reportedly, she placed sports bets and traded futures and digital assets with her company’s profits. The investigators claim she defrauded her followers in 2015 and for that reason, she was fined $285,000. However, Gibson never paid the fine. Instead, she continued to use donated money for cryptocurrency trade. Which digital assets and how much she traded are details that are not yet disclosed.

During her peak, Gibson claimed she donated as much as $300,000 to charity organizations. Unfortunately, that was a lie as well. Reports state that she made as much as $1 million from her cookbook and The Whole Pantry app, which was even featured in an Apple commercial.

The barrister said:

“I would like to examine Ms. Gibson on where her money is actually going. The bank statements I have seen today reveal a great many Afterpay payments.”

Belle gained popularity on social media in early 2014, when she revealed her terminal medical condition. Upon her revelations, the number of her followers skyrocketed, and she used the momentum to fuel her stardom Instagram status. As followers piled up, so did her lies. Gibson made bold claims her condition has improved thanks to alternative medicine and diets. Her fortune surged to $1 million from the sales of her app and cookbook.

The community was misled Gibson used the money for charity and her treatment. According to Gibson, her company has donated over $300,000 but the record books say otherwise – Belle has donated a mere $7000.

Currently, Gibson’s location is unknown but she recently made a trip to Africa through Singapore.