NEXT BLOCK Sofia – What Happened

NEXT BLOCK Sofia – What Happened

Krypton Events has organized a conference event for a leading Blockchain Next Block at Sofia 2.0 on 12th April 2019 in Rainbow Plaza Sofia.

Webit. Festival Europe, 25-27 June 2018 Sofia
#NEXT DIFI 2018, Sofia, Bulgaria
NEXT BLOCK Conference, Sofia, April 12, 2019

Krypton Events has organized a conference event for a leading Blockchain Next Block at Sofia 2.0 on 12th April 2019 in Rainbow Plaza Sofia. This conference attended by more than 200 participants from 16 countries to discuss the future of Blockchain technologies and securities.

The issues of the industry like the role of stablecoins in the mass adoption of cryptocurrency and creating victorious startups were discussed by the executives of potential startups, leading experts and crypto influencers.

The important speech on the ways to get funds for the startups was delivered by Giacomo Arcaro, the founder of Black Marketing Guru and STO/ICO Advisor. He also advised the CEOs of the potential project on Blockchain.

According to Arcaro, instead of focusing on the product the startups should basically focus on thinking something different like hiring hackers to hack until you become successful.

In the session related to the importance of stablecoins for the adoption of crypto Herbert Rafael Sim from Broctagon FinTech, TheBitcoinMan, also took part in the meantime. He said that the user experience created by trading tools of legacy assets is full of inefficiencies like considerable capital lock-up, cumbersome process of asset management and single asset wallets, etc. These problems become bigger when cryptocurrencies are traded on the existing trading platforms.

He further said that by using the technology of liquid aggregation space for traditional brokerage can be disrupted to make reconciliation simpler by increasing throughput of the transactions, improving efficiency in unending processes and the compliance of the tools.

The speeches from the industry experts like Yasen Yankov, Eran Tirer, Silvan Jongerius, Tony Evans, Mitchell Eaglstein, Marco Calicchia, Ramón Ferraz and Pavlo Tanasyuk, etc, the founders and CEOs of a number of popular startups, were enjoyed by the participants of the Next Block event.

Main conclusions that came up after so many discussions included:

• Tokens can be changed into regulated securities of next generation. In the latter half of the 20th century, they were recognized like traditional financial markets through their benefits and risks.

• Use cases can be created by Stablecoins to promote their mass adoption in the countries with unstable economies

• There are projects with successful utility tokens like Sirin Labs and VeganNation even if the industry’s boom is over

• The future development of the Blockchain industry will be defined by the winner of the battle between centralized and decentralized approaches

The stylish finale of the event of Next Block was the exclusive Blockchain party held in Premium Coworking Spaces in Networking Sofia. Food and drinks were enjoyed by the guests in an attractive ambiance.

For the support of Paysafe, Krypton Capital, CoinAdmin, Mazze, Cryptovest and Blonde 2.0 NEXT BLOCK has expressed its gratitude in Sofia 2.0. You should not miss the next event of Next Block in Bangkok.