Why SuperCoin Really Is Super?

Why SuperCoin Really Is Super?

SuperCoin is an innovative cryptocurrency that offers fast and fully anonymous transactions. The coin uses a multisignature technology to ensure that

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SuperCoin is an innovative cryptocurrency that offers fast and fully anonymous transactions. The coin uses a multisignature technology to ensure that all the payments are verified, secure and highly confidential. SuperSend Trustless is a decentralised peer to peer network where there is no central body to take control of the transactions. The ledger is fully distributed and does not require the involvement of a third party to validate the electronic payments. There are no restrictions for the sender and the recipient and anyone anywhere can buy and trade SuperCoins. The transaction fees are way smaller than the ones applied to traditional money transfers with fiat currency.

SuperCoin launched their special new wallet with SuperSend Trustless on August 25, 2014. The SuperSend Trustless is a decentralised anonymous system in which there is equality between all nodes. The nodes represent the clients and all nodes receive an even amount of information. Coin transfers are executed with the help of randomly chosen middle nodes. Mini-escrow is used to ensure that all participants in the transaction follow the transfer rules. If any party attempts fraud, he will lose more than he has won from that. Additionally, the multisignature technology further improves the security of the transaction. With SuperSend Trustless there are two middle service nodes that facilitate the coin transfer. One of those randomly picked nodes performs mix service and the other one provides guarantee service.

The mixer is the node that mixes the sent coins with his own coins and sends them to the destination. Normally, the guarantor creates a multisignature address and transaction. However, if any disputes between sender and mixer occur, the guarantor is the one to decide how to divide the coins in escrow. The multisignature address is created with three public keys, one from the sender, the mixer and the guarantor. Each of the three parties holds the private key which corresponds to the public one. In order to validate the transaction, at least two out of the three nodes have to sign it. As a result, coins in a specific address cannot be spent by anyone alone guaranteeing full security to the users.

SuperCoin runs on the X11 algorithm which is a much more improved version of the widely used SHA-256 (Bitcoin) or Scrypt (Litecoin). In addition, X11 is ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) resistant which means that hardware specially designed for mining cannot participate in the mining process. Only CPU and GPU mining is possible which guarantees a fully distributed network. SuperCoins can also be purchased or traded on large exchange markets such as Novaexchange and Yobit. SuperCoin is highly rewarding, innovative and features complex processes to ensure fast, secure and fully confidential transactions.