Why Everyone Is Talking About LoMoCoin (Review)

Why Everyone Is Talking About LoMoCoin (Review)

LoMoCoin is a new digital currency available in a mobile app that has been developed using blockchain technology. According to top company officials,

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LoMoCoin is a new digital currency available in a mobile app that has been developed using blockchain technology. According to top company officials, a billion LMC is going to be distributed in the next 24 months.

The cryptocurrency’s value depends on the time consumed by a player as well as his/ her actual stamina. It’s also dependent on cash remitted by shops that send LMC to players.

Other factors that determine the value of LMC include:

1. Actual services and products offered by shops in the markets.

2. Popularity of the app as created by continuous interaction between shops and players, and also among players.

3. What outside investors think the value of the whole LMC ecology is going to be in future.

Methods of distribution and total quantity

The cryptocurrency will be freely distributed in the LMC game. 60% or 600 million is set to be distributed in two years.

150 million will be awarded to angel investors. It’ll be locked for 24 months and thereafter evenly unfrozen in eight seasons.

50 million will be used for promotional activities, creation of external ecology and 3rd party cooperation enticement.

Are there different versions?

There are two main versions of the cryptocurrency: Android and iOS. You can download the iOS version from Apple App Store. To get the Android version, simply visit the official website or any of the renowned Android app stores in China.

The app is constantly updated to provide clients with more functions, diversified game modes, playing patterns as well as playing activities.

How to acquire LMC

Acquisition of the cryptocurrency is quite simple. You just need to log in and then get LoMoCoin using any of the following methods:

1. User gift pack.

2. Ask friends to follow you while promising that the reward will be shared among yourselves.

3. Daily attendance award.

4. Find the Mengdai and open it.

5. Become a team member and sharing the Mengdai.


Both private and public beta testing of the cryptocurrency have been conducted. Therefore, trading of LMC can be carried out at its trading platform.

How different is LoMoCoin from other digital currencies?

LMC is the product of LoMoCoin business model and is based on 020 as well as LBS.

Generally, digital currencies such as Bitcoin are developed first, followed by the design of prospective business models. However, mismatches are frequently discovered thereafter, leading to significant inconvenience.

LoMoCoin incorporates features of blockchain PeerCoin and Bitcoin. The features include limits on quantity, checking of open transactions, caveats on extra issues as well as blockchain general ledger.

User scale development is absolutely transparent, and this enables each user to continue generating income from sources such as POS interest.