What Is PutinCoin, Where And How To Use It?

What Is PutinCoin, Where And How To Use It?

The PutinCoin project was initiated so as to pay tribute to the citizens and president of one of the greatest nations in the world, Russia.

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Recently, a brand new blockchain were introduced to PutinCoin cryptocurrency, which is based on an unique algorithm, that is, Scrypt. To add on that, this new algorithm offers not only encryption and high security but also new ideas and features.

But First – What is Project PutinCoin?

The PutinCoin project was initiated so as to pay tribute to the citizens and president of one of the greatest nations in the world, Russia.

This decision of developing a new cryptocurrency for the country was brought about because the Russian economy was growing very fast together with its market both within and beyond the borders.

With the Putincoin innovation, a lot of new possibilities will be provided for traders, businesses, social projects and private persons since the services, apps and technology are all usable by all individuals on the planet.

The blockchain of Putincoin is decentralized, so this means that there are many opportunities for application. Through the help of the economic confirmation and hybrid algorithm Scrypt, the network can offer both advantages of POS, that is, Proof of Stake, and POW, that is, Proof of Work.

These two constitute a possibility of mining for everybody in the world and a confirmation for an energy saving network. On the bright side, Proof of Stake can just be mined by anyone on any computer whatsoever, which includes Mac, PC or even Linux. This is so even without the need to provide expensive hardware. Furthermore, the program offers an annual mining interest of an incredible one hundred percent. Furthermore, when it comes to the issue of Proof of Work, there is no registration whatsoever required, all one has to do is use the wallet address in place of the username.

No password is needed since all wallet addresses are unique and therefore no two wallet addresses can ever coincide. If the user would like to have a stake mine in the Putincoin Proof of Stake, all he has to do is select his favorite wallet which he would like to use for the staking section.

The current infrastructure in existence majorly consists of any gaming applications, block explorers, different types of wallets and perhaps in the future this will include solutions which enable Putincoin to be freely used as a means of monetary transactions by not only private persons but also various businesses.

Furthermore, the Putincoin project will also be submitted to all crypto-service and all financial exchange sites in the world. The purpose of this is to ensure that there is a stable and sustainable supply of both new and the already existing users.

The Putincoin project will add a great financial value to not only the Russian market but also the international trading field, not forgetting the crypto community on general. It is one of the most major coin concepts in the world currently.

Other Putincoin services include the Putincoin Dice app and the Putincoin Dice website.