VIBEHub & Monster Technologies Form a Partnership

VIBEHub & Monster Technologies Form a Partnership

This move confirms that Monster is ready to invest in the coming virtual and augmented reality revolution by working together with companies such as VIBEHub. Launches $50 Million Creator Fund
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VIBEHub has officially announced that they will be working with Monster Inc and their new division, known as Monster technologies. This comes just two months after VIBEHub concluded their Token Sale. The main reason why this announcement is significant is that Monster Inc is a global electronics conglomerate which for more than forty years has been a major innovator of electronic hardware. This company records yearly sales revenue in billions and has a workforce of more than six hundred employees. This particular company is also amongst the original architects of Beat by Dr. Dre line. Consequently, the company is expected to be a top entity for years to come.

Many people might be surprised by the partnership between a Monster which is a global company and VIBEHub which is an AR/VR startup. But people who are in the tech industry will understand that this partnership is a based on conventional thinking. This particular move also confirms that Monster is ready to invest in the coming virtual and augmented reality revolution by working together with companies such as VIBEHub. Insiders will know that Monster is interested in this move because VIBEHub has in the recent past released a number of exciting beta versions on its platform accompanied with YouTube videos. VIBEHub also has an already established AR/AV platform which has global subscribers. Furthermore, Monster has a good relationship with various mainstream artists such as Yo Gotti and Joe Perry. Consequently, this partnership is great news for both the companies and also for the real consumer market as it hopes to get mass adoption.

Another aspect of this partnership is that VIBEHub is hinting at getting hold of the photorealistic holograms of the artists who are mainstream in elaborate virtual environments. There is also an objective of allowing VIBE’s token holders to enjoy the performances on a long-term basis. It is paramount to differentiate between volumetric video and 360 video when discussing this topic. 360 video puts users in a static position with limited freedom to move their heads without the ability to change position. On the other hand, the volumetric video gives the users freedom to interact with the photorealistic hologram. It also gives VIBEHub the ability to manipulate the objects by rotating, scaling or placing them in locations which are exotic.

VIBEHub has plans to use to use these particular captures and create experiences in AR/VR as well as mobile tablet devices and conventional laptops. The team from VIBEHub has already posted pictures inside the 8i studio with huge captions which are indicating that the announcement will be made soon. 8i is a production company that is based in Los Angeles which solely focused on bringing the volumetric technology to the masses. This production company is heavily backed by Ashton Kutcher and some of the biggest capital firms in Silicon Valley. This company was also hired by Google earlier this year to make an augmented application for them.

By the year-end, VIBEHub is also expected to release its own custom lightening like off chain solution to facilitate instantaneous atomic transactions without any fees for gas when performing micro transactions on the company’s platform using the VIBE token. This is a great step forward because it allows the creation of user experience which is seamless with the different devices without needing a special plug or running a local node yourself. It is believed that AR.VR technology is the future and VIBEHub has placed itself strategically to be one of the main players over a long time. VIBEHub is trading currently under the ticket VIBE on Etherdelta and HitBTC. You can know all about VIBR by just visiting their website which is