VCash – The Most Complete Cryptocurrency of Recent Times

VCash – The Most Complete Cryptocurrency of Recent Times

Basically, VCash is a cryptographic currency or it is a kind of digital asset that is especially designed in order to secure the transactions. This cr

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Basically, VCash is a cryptographic currency or it is a kind of digital asset that is especially designed in order to secure the transactions. This cryptocurrency system was initially launched in December 2014 (which was previously known as Vanillacoin).

Obviously, the first and most popular cryptocurrency was Bitcoin (which was released in 2009). However, Bitcoin always had a wide range of imperfections and limitations. Taking this into consideration, this newly launched VCash system is designed to feature the important improvements to its renowned predecessor i.e. Bitcoin.

VCash – Important Features

VCash features to be the fastest cryptocurrency. As the company claims, VCash uses the breakthrough technology of “ZeroTime feature”. Using this ZeroTime feature, VCash transactions can be easily completed without any confirmation. Well, that means – the VCash users do not necessarily need to recourse to the centralized master nodes.

Thus, VCash features to be the safest, fastest, & the most complete cryptocurrency in terms of the actual speed of transaction.

On top of that, the developers of VCash are also developing another novel feature – ZeroLedger. This cutting-edge technology will allow the users to easily download the entire XVC blockchain merely within a snap! With this monumental development, VCash users will surely enjoy the ultimate ease of use.

Obviously, while using the virtual currency systems, users often complain & concern about their security. In fact, the most recognized cryptocurrency system – Bitcoin also suffers from various issues when it comes to users’ privacy and safety. However, in order to overcome the well-known issues of Bitcoin, VCash features to provide an extremely high scalability along with its dynamic block size. The best part is – VCash is designed in such a way that it even protects user privacy & fungibility too.

What Is VCard?

Now, VCash is a debit account (prepaid) on the respective VCard. VCard is widely used for the transactions related to both on campus & off campus.

VCash funds are mainly taxable dollars which can be further used on all over the campus, for example, the dining halls, the Computer Store, the Kiosk, vending machines, the Bookstore, and various other off-campus merchants. And, the VCash account is widely available to each & every member of the Vassar community, including the students, faculty, staff members and administrators etc. The VCash users just need to add money, check the balance, and use the available balance to complete fast & secure transactions.

The Final Verdict

This cryptocurrency – VCash has sufficient potential for a steady & successful growth. Featuring the breakthrough technology of “ZeroTime feature”, this self-funded virtual currency has become a popular choice of many! It has already witnessed an unprecedented growth over the past few months. Plus, the developers are actively engaged in a mission to make it the flawless & the most complete cryptocurrency of recent times.