Unitus Token – Superior Blockchain Technology

Unitus Token – Superior Blockchain Technology

The Unitus (UIS), is a cryptocurrency that has been in the market for quite a while. This alternative currency has a number of objectives and brings a

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The Unitus (UIS), is a cryptocurrency that has been in the market for quite a while. This alternative currency has a number of objectives and brings a couple of features to the cryptocurrency market. Among these features is merged mining which allows for efficient mining processes. The cryptocurrency has been run by Unitus since it was announced in late 2014. In addition to energy efficiency during mining, there are a couple of other things that make this coin attractive. The following sections review the coin in detail. The various resources available and other information about the coin are also included.

Basic info about Unitus

Unitus has been on the market for about 3 years now. The basic technology of the coin is based on Bitcoin although there are several additional improvements to the blockchain. Over the time, the coin has been mined in various pools. The coin has also been traded in a number of exchanges over those years. One of the key aspects of the cryptocurrency is that it uses up to 5 independent algorithms in its blockchain. This means that its security is quite good. The coin is also quite accessible to users who can mine and own it without needing a lot of resources.

Unitus Trading and Market Information

Unitus (UIS) is traded in BTC100, Cryptopia, and YoBit among a few other markets. Its current marketing information indicates that the coin has a market capitulation of over one million dollars. The trading volumes are quite fair and recent trading in the months of April to July 2017 show an increased trade volume. The current value of the cryptocurrency is still a tiny fraction of a currency like Bitcoin, although the market indicators for this coin are generally good. More trading information about the coin is readily available on platforms like Coin market.

Unitus Resources and Ecosystem

It is possible to use a couple of wallets with Unitus. Wallets include a number of online Windows, Mac and Linux wallets provided in the Unitus website. There is also an offline paper version that is generated by user request. Much of the development information and resources about the coin can be found in online repositories like GitHub. Merged-mining is supported and there are several pools listed on the coin’s official website. Unitus is a currency that enjoys the support of a substantial community on the web. There is constant information generated and distributed on the web about the developmental process of the coin.


In summary, Unitus is a budding alternative cryptocurrency that seeks to bring some new features in the coin market. While it is mainly based on Bitcoin technologies at its core, the coin is also quite unique. The coin boasts of several independent algorithms, accessibility by the wider market, fast transactions, and improved security features. The cryptocurrency is led by a team that seems focused on taking it to greater heights. While there is still a lot of ground to cover for this coin, it is definitely a potential alternative coin that cannot be easily overlooked.