Understanding The Concept Of HyperStake (HYP) Token

Understanding The Concept Of HyperStake (HYP) Token

The cryptocurrency world keeps evolving and becoming more popular each day. Numerous high POS rate coins have found their way into the cryptocurrency

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The cryptocurrency world keeps evolving and becoming more popular each day. Numerous high POS rate coins have found their way into the cryptocurrency sector giving potential investors and existing users a reason to venture more into cryptocurrency markets. A notable type of crypotcurrency is HyperStake which is regarded as an extremely high reward Proof of Stake coin devoid of proof of work mining. From a cryptocurrency economics perspective, Hyperstak has been an experiment right from the onset. Has this experiment become successful? With Hyperstake portraying appealing features- advance wallet and staking tools, safety and efficient block speed, it has surely become a success. Hyperstake has been mainly created to enable users to amass attractive rewards from mined stake coins (proof of stake minting) while minimizing inflation.

Hyperstake’s reward system

HyperStake boasts of an annual reward of 750%. However, inflation control governs this reward system. Through inflation control, the maximum stake reward is 1,000HYP per stake which is equivalent to a maximum 960,000 HYP coins each day.

How Hyperstake inflation control functions

The inflation control is primarily meant to regulate the amount users can stake for each block. In the Hyperstake context, this inflation control model is governed by two variables-block time and maximum stake reward. The 90 second block time significantly reduces inflation rate. As mentioned previously, the maximum reward translates to a maximum of 1,000 HYP for every staked block. This reward system motivates users to divide their HYP coins into relatively suitable block sizes so as to garner the 750 rate annual reward. Splitting the HYP to recommended sizes also enables users to successfully stake within the stipulated period of 9-15 days which ultimately guarantees getting rewarded. It is important for users to adhere to these guidelines in order to avoid capping of their rewards at 1,000HYP.

Hyperstake’s wallet features

Hyperstake’s wallet is the most innovative wallet with features that support staking. It is endowed with advanced staking tools which gives users the power to influence the staking process and get maximum rewards. Some of the features within Hyperstake’s wallet include:

  • Advanced coin control

Users are able to select many coins using the coin filter box. This is because information such as stake weight, probable value of stake and estimated staking days is displayed.

  • Custom themes

There are several alternative wallet themes for users to select from. It is possible for users to select a theme and customize it in an effort to create a theme that suits them.

  • Block splitter

It allows one to split coin blocks in a single transaction.

  • Disable stake

As the name suggests, disable stake enables one to disable the staking process. The disabling process is guided by the stipulated conditions.

Is the future promising for Hyperstake? Well, it is almost certain that Hyperstake has a bright future. This coin, which guarantees ease of use and safety, is a testimony of the advancements taking place in the economics of cryptocurrency. Besides, there are plans to ensure Hyperstake’s staking process becomes efficient for holders with large HYP holdings. The key focus is to ensure holders are able to automatically split as well as combine blocks. To get a deeper understanding of Hyperstake, users can visit http://hyperstake.io/ which gives basic info as well as detailed information with regards to Hyperstake.


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