UBS Wealth Chief On FinTech: “We Are Embracing Fintechs”

UBS Wealth Chief On FinTech: “We Are Embracing Fintechs”

The CEO of UBS` Wealth Management sector said that banks are focused on collaboration with FinTech companies.“The key takeaway is that we as incum

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The CEO of UBS` Wealth Management sector said that banks are focused on collaboration with FinTech companies.

“The key takeaway is that we as incumbents, we have long moved on to a full collaboration mode.”, said Dirk Klee in an interview with Business Insider.

Klee talked to the newspaper at the Economist`s Finance Disrupted event in London that took place in early February.

We are embracing fintechs and actually we believe that there is great innovation. We need to find very smart ways to partner up and improve our existing business model.”, Klee added.

Since the financial crisis, many start-ups appeared to offer financial solutions using the new digital tools.

Business Insider has previously reported that more and more fintech start-ups are starting strategic partnerships with big banks and corporations.

“Where your margins are being compressed and your cost of acquisition is high, it’s going to take you a long and expensive time to get to a profitable scale. You can get to that scale much more quickly by partnering with a big business”, said Dan Cobley, who leads the fintech practice at London-based venture builder Blenheim Chalco.

Banks, on the other hand, turn their attention to the possibilities of collaborative projects that can be mutually beneficial.

“We don’t believe in combating fintechs, we are beyond fighting roboadvisors. We believe it’s great innovation that complements the human-led advisory we built our franchise on. It’s the best of fintech coupled with the best of the advisory”, said Klee.

“Robo advisors” are one of the hottest areas of financial technology. They are online investment platforms that “match a stated risk tolerance of investors with an asset allocation based on asset class returns, variances, and covariances”, wrote asset manager Bernstein.

UBS has chosen to build its own roboadviser product, SmartWealth, that is now trailed in Europe.

“We believe the better world is not handing over human-led investment advisory to an algorithm, we want to use all the capabilities and the know-how and the investment expertise that we have, bringing them in a very smart way to our clients. Clients should benefit from all the knowledge and expertise we have and not just get a low-cost algorithm. Most of the robots in the market have a very basic offering”, said Klee for Business Insider.