Top 3 Beneficial Features of Substratum (SUB)

Top 3 Beneficial Features of Substratum (SUB)

Substratum (dubbed as SUB) is striving to develop an open-source foundation of the decentralized web that will provide an unrestricted and free access

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Substratum (dubbed as SUB) is striving to develop an open-source foundation of the decentralized web that will provide an unrestricted and free access to content for a new Web 3.0. Needless to mention, Substratum network features a wide collection of nodes (i.e SubstratumNode) which incorporate industry-leading cryptography in order to deliver secure content anywhere, without the need of Tor or VPNs (Virtual Private Networks). In this way, the company and its start-of-the-art cryptocurrency system are committed to revolutionizing the hosting industry via microtransactions that will be efficiently handled by artificial intelligence and blockchain technology.
More Information About Substratum (SUB) Cryptocurrency: As mentioned earlier, Substratum features a collection of SubstratumNode which provides a user-friendly and interactive Node service. This will enable people to be an integral part of the free and open-source web. Obviously, it is an interesting and exciting prospect for everyone as they can convert their computers into a lucrative money-making machine and deliver content securely to the other users of that network. This aforementioned technology will certainly revolutionize the way information is currently being shared within a network. But you must be wondering about how SubstratumNode is related to Substrate (SUB) cryptocurrency. Well, the collection of SubstratumNodes will create an open-source network which allows anyone and everyone to allocate their extra or spare computing resources and earn cryptocurrency in return. SubstratumNode will literally work as an “on-off” switch and it will automatically transfer Substrate (SUB) into your crypto wallet.
Thus, SubstratumNode lets everyone become a web host on a decentralized internet and allow them to earn Substrate (SUB) by turning their computers into a host.
How to Earn Substratum (SUB)? – The hosts, entities, or businesses (i.e. SubstratumHost) that wish to host databases, applications, and websites on the network need to complete a fast, quick, and painless setup process. This process will ensure that your computer has enough bandwidth, the application has appropriate access to the default ports, and you own a confirmed and registered wallet where you will receive your SUB payments. Once the setup is done, you are now ready to turn on the SubstratumNode Settings. During the peak hours, your node will be using the minimal system resources. And, SubstratumNode will go into high gear as you sign off for the day, For every request that your node serves, you will be paid a microtransaction in the form of Substrate (SUB). According to the developers of Substratum, this is an incredibly easy way to earn passive incomes and convert this world into a decentralized web.

Features of Substratum (SUB):

1. 1-Click Software: It comes with a simple 1-click setup interface that allows everyone to easily get started on the platform of Substratum Network.
2. Make Money Passively: By hosting your spare computer resource, you will automatically earn Substratum (SUB) into your crypto wallet.
3. Universal Crypto Payments: Substratum will soon launch CryptoPay as a simple and convenient API (much like PayPal) for the websites to deploy. Plus, through this API, you will be allowed to use your hard-earned cryptocurrencies on various eCommerce sites as well.
With this, you have revealed an insightful review of one of the newest addition to the cryptocurrency markets, i.e. Substratum (SUB). For more information about this latest cryptocurrency, you can visit their official website at