Tokes Cryptocurrency Welcomes The Cannabis Revolution

Tokes Cryptocurrency Welcomes The Cannabis Revolution

Digital currencies are on the rise and they are becoming more and more recognized as well. If someone asked you about investing, a couple of years ago

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Digital currencies are on the rise and they are becoming more and more recognized as well. If someone asked you about investing, a couple of years ago cryptocurrencies would mean nothing to you. Just a new word to your ears. However, now they are on the steady rise in popularity.

The possibility to transfer money from one person to another anywhere in the world in the cheap and easy way almost instantly as well as protecting the funds from fraud or theft is very appealing to a larger public as it is well known ever by a nu mber of people who are much involved.

The Cannabis Revolution as a platform has also grown in popularity and is becoming more and more recognized. Tokes is the cryptocurrency and platform behind it.

Money for marijuana

TOKES platform is created for digital currency putting together the technology and tokens while at the same time recognizing that the world views on marijuana have changed. More people than ever are speaking out about the possible benefits of legalizing marijuana.

TOKES have a transaction protocol. So during the ICO and given out between different wallets through WAVES. There is also an anonymous transaction option in the works and will be introduced soon.
Fiat Onramps will see new dispensary partners being introduced even though it’s currently already up and running.

Convenience and technology

Mobile Application is also planned and is in the works for iOS and Android systems, so stay tuned for it. Having an application is very convenient for people who love their technology and they are able to make transactions straight from their phone, which is useful if you’re out and about more than you are sitting behind a screen of your laptop.
Within a year plans will be set in place for a non-profit arm’s establishment. It will benefit the consumers and speak out about the project as a whole.

A full grown operation is planned if the tests are successful.The results of that will be seen later in the year as well.
This digital currency solution created and introduced by TOKES is the first one to be purely dedicated to the Cannabis industry. It is a token system that allows these to be used by the customers. They can be used in business relationship capacity as well.

It’s highly secure so you don’t have to worry about the purchase. There are no cash transactions involved so it is highly convenient for people who don’t really use cash anymore.

WAVES blockchain helps running TOKES and all the investments made get an additional 5% on top of the initial distribution. The ICO funding closed in January, but there is a contact form if you want to buy TOKES.
Since the society has changed its views on marijuana legalization, it’s now opened the doors for people who want to invest in the industry. It has also made this kind of system more appealing to people.

Buying tokens are way more safe and secure than having to exchange cash or even bothering with bank transfers. Both sides of the deal are protected and there is little or no possibility of inconvenience such as fraud.