Three Robots Helping Us Protect The Environment

Three Robots Helping Us Protect The Environment

Robots are no longer science fiction, but a reality. They can assist humans in doing some of the dirty and dangeros jobs out there.Bots are report

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Robots are no longer science fiction, but a reality. They can assist humans in doing some of the dirty and dangeros jobs out there.

Bots are reportedly performing tasks like performing delicate surgeries, collecting mineral samples on Mars and even helping us protect the environment, as NBC News ( wrote at a recent article.

“There are a number of examples where robots are becoming the hero in terms of doing things that humans can’t”, said Matthew Lloyd, chief marketing officer of Robots in the Service of the Environment, in an interview with the USA-based media.

Maybe you wonder which are these jobs, where robots do what we can`t. Here`s a small list as compiled by NBC News:

Firefighter Assistent

Have you heard of the new radio-controlled quardrotor drone Indago? It is a robot that uses infrared sensors to find the exact location of a fire and works with airborne tankers to pour water at the right place and extinguish the fire.

With climate change and the growing number of wildfires, the firefighter assistent can turn to be a useful invention.

Reef Saver

RangerBot can kill the Crown of Thorns Starfish, which is threatening the Great Barrier Reef in the recent years. It is also monitoring reef bleaching and identifying the species of fish living on the reef.

The robot is being tested now. In 2018, there is a plan to roll out up to 50 bots in Australia`s Moreton Bay in Brisbane, and the Great Barrier Reef.

Nuke Cleaner

Cleaning up waste at decommissioned or damaged nuclear facilities can be dangerous for humans. Despite of the precaustions and the special equipment, the people doing the job can be exposed to dangerous levels of radiation.

Latro may be the solution to this problem. It is a robotic spider that is designed to cut, sort and retrieve material from storage facilities, as the FORTH Engineering of Cumbria, England that created it explained on their website.

Latro was designed specifically to help cleam Sellafield, a polluted nuclear storage site in Seascale, England. Soon it can be cleaning up other nuclear sites or inspecting oil tanks, as NBC News pointed out.

This is only a small part of the jobs robots can do instead of us. Future will show how the industry will be employed to help us in our everyday activities and whether this trend will be entirely positive for us.