The high demand of FinTech Blockchain positions in 2017

The high demand of FinTech Blockchain positions in 2017

John Kennedy, a technology journalist, has praised in an article for Silicon Republic that 2017 will be the year that will see blockchain technology take over the world

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There is currently good business in the financial technology sector. This situation is what has prompted a majority of industry analysts to predict that employment opportunities that are associated with blockchain will be the most prestigious in the year 2017.

John Kennedy who is a technology journalist has praised 2017 to be the year that will see blockchain technology take over the world quite literally. He mentioned this in an article that was meant for Silicon Republic.

According to the article, blockchain technology is what facilitates digital transactions on a global scale. It can also involve security properties or financial transactions, personal identification information or customer information. Investment is slowly establishing its roots in blockchain technology. This has been exhibited by the investment made by Pricewaterhouse Coopers of directing $1.4 billion into startups that specialize in offering blockchain technology services. In many ways, this is a great venture that dates all the way back to the month of February 2016.

Nako Mbelle (founder of FinTech Recruiters) mentioned in a post for Finance Magnates that with the rising trend of blockchain technology and its focus on 2017, the world is bound to witness a surge in demand for coding jobs. These are coding jobs that are closely associated with blockchain applications in the Fintech industry of financial technology industry.

Financial service firms will also be keen in making their blockchain development stronger by strategically hiring cryptographers and senior backend engineers. Furthermore, they will be looking for certain technical skills such as programming, cybersecurity and encryption. Individuals with any of the above skills set or those who are practicing the careers that have been mentioned will be in very high demand.

The article revealed a well-founded speculation that blockchain systems engineers stand to earn a salary of between $150,000 and $175,000 every year in America.