The 5 New Start-ups to Watch This Year

The 5 New Start-ups to Watch This Year

The first half of 2017 has seen an array of start-up companies holding the promise to become the next unicorn.

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The first half of 2017 has seen an array of start-up companies holding the promise to become the next unicorn.

While it is difficult to list all of the emerging businesses hoping for success, here are 5 of the hot new start-ups launching in 2017:


The start-up comany offers maps for self-driving cars. One of the hardest parts of developing self-driving cars is ensuring they can “see” the roads, as Business Insider ( pointed out.

DeepMap Inc. was founded by a team of ex-Google employees to address the problem. The company has reportedly received $32 million funding from investors like Andreessen Horowitz  and Accel.

Virta Health

Virta Health is an online medical company that creates individualized diabetes treatments.

“Imagine a treatment for Type 2 diabetes that requires neither surgery, medication nor calorie restriction, but rather relies on adherence to a low-carbohydrate, high-fat diet, tracked by regular finger-stick checks of blood chemistry and guided remotely by a team of physicians, coaches and algorithms.”, as Forbes ( described the company.

Founded in 2014, the company has reportedly received $37 million from enrock, Allen & Company, Obvious Ventures and others, as Business Insider reported.


Virtual reality is gaining traction recenlty with a number of companies working to improve the users` experience.

The goal of NomadicVR is to enable customers to roam around rooms in virtual reality.

“Our tactile adventures create the feeling of being inside of the experience.”, as the company stated on their website.

The NomadicVR`s arcade experience has been reviewed as “‘mind-blowing”, as Business Insider wrote. The start-up received $6 million funding from Horizons Ventures, Maveron, Paul Allen’s Vulcan Capital and others.

Misty Robotics

Misty is a start-up company that builds practical robots to be used in our homes and offices.

“These robots will be seen and treated as our friends, our teammates, and a part of our families — performing helpful tasks, providing safety, and interacting with humans in entertaining and friendly ways that have only been seen before in science fiction as the company told Business Wire (

According to Business Insider, they have received $11.5 million in funding from Venrock, Foundry Group and others.


Innovation is also present in the financial technology sector. Stash is a start-up that gives customers choices, tools and tips that help them save money and make micro-investments through a mobile app.

“We help people who don’t have a lot save money on a weekly basis.”, as Brandon Krieg, chief executive and co-founder of Stash, said in an interview with Reuters (

The company has reportedly raised $78 million in less than two years. Some of the investors are Breyer Capital, Goodwater Capital and Valar Ventures, the venture capital firm of PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel, as Reuters explained.

These 5 start-up companies are only a small part of the hot new businesses that launched this year. It is to be seen whether and in what ways these innovators are to change the world we know today.