TEKcoin Offers Future Technology Payments

TEKcoin Offers Future Technology Payments

Cryptocurrency, in today’s era, is also termed as the money of the future. Cryptocurrencies have become a global phenomenon as from individuals to ban

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Cryptocurrency, in today’s era, is also termed as the money of the future. Cryptocurrencies have become a global phenomenon as from individuals to banks and government agencies, all are talking about it. Cryptocurrency, in technical terms, is known as a Peer to Peer Electronic Cash System, is a sort of digital cash. There are numerous cryptocurrencies invented and TEKcoin is one of them. It uses a SuperStake Eco-minting facility to mint currencies which can be availed up for an attractive interest rate. It is built using the SHA-256 Algorithm, which is an advanced version as compared to other cryptocurrencies. This makes it very efficient to support the network it runs in.

TEKcoin is compatible with other cryptocurrencies and therefore, can be used for trading with other cryptocurrencies or also can be used in the exchange markets against other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and more. The coding and algorithm used to make it an advanced cryptocurrency as it easily supports transaction comments.

TEKcoin Specifications:

• The stake gets active within every month and the maximum maturity period to invest in a stake is three months.

• The user will get a stake reward up to 40% and more after one month of activating the stake.

• In most of the cases, the proof-of-work (POW) blocks get the spacing more than two hours, but when it comes to TEKcoin, it provides with 60 second or one-minute of proof-of-work block spacing.

• On the other hand, the proof-of-stake (POC) blocks in TEKcoin offers a fixed stake for null or zero POS reward. Other than that, the POS rewards it offers are varied depending on the stake.

• The proof-of-stake (POC) blocks get the spacing window of 10 minutes which is great when compared to other cryptocurrencies.

• The user will get one minute per block for staking and can avail up to 100 million coins as one coin per block is calculated.

• The user can use the TEKcoin directly from the online staking wallet or there are three platforms available for downloading TEKcoin and they are Windows TEKcoin, Mac TEKcoin, and Linux TEKcoin.

• The main benefit of using TEKcoin is that it can be assembled without using expensive hardware and it saves electricity also.

• Using SuperStake, the TEKcoin users can avail the benefit of directly investing in Eco-mint. This saves the user from investing in expensive mining gear like Bitcoin which requires expensive hardware to setup and consumes electricity more than any other cryptocurrencies.

• Moreover, the platform posts codes of numerous amounts on TEKcoin but is set up on a timer. The codes are very beneficial as they provide deep market status and offer the users and also allow them to redeem it on yobit.net.

• It provides with all the necessary market info of cryptocurrencies including the Bitcoin. This makes it easier for the user to compare the stakes at a professional level.

• The reason why most of the financial investors are switching to TEKcoin is that it is cheap and unlike other cryptocurrencies, for supporting the TEKcoin network, the users are paid with attractive interests.

• TEKcoin can be easily exchanged with Yobit, Cryptopia, and Bleutrade. However, it can be traded against other available cryptocurrencies but these three are more compatible with TEKcoin.