TAO Coin (XTO) – Cryptocurrency of The Future

TAO Coin (XTO) – Cryptocurrency of The Future

You must know that everything cannot be achieved through Bitcoin. Your goals can turn out to be energy draining and time consuming and not to forget h

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You must know that everything cannot be achieved through Bitcoin. Your goals can turn out to be energy draining and time consuming and not to forget highly expensive to achieve. The solution to this is going about an effective blockchain which will allow carrying out your desired tasks with ease and much more efficiency. In the world of crypocurrency, TAO has a blockchain that passes all the tests of being adventurous. TAO coin has some great plans ahead of the game.

About TAO

Here is Basic info about the Blockchain TAO which is already on the road to success which means a lot to the whole TAO team as well as the children of the world. Very few blockchains focus on something are virtuous as this. TAO has a proof of stake of 4% and the block time of 7.5m. There are 30,000,000 TAO tokens available through crowd sales from the total of 32,000,000 TAO and further from which 2,000,000 TAO are not for sale.

As mentioned above, TAO is still working towards the betterment and maximum productivity so 100,000 TAO will be used develop a core of the alpha node network of 10 nodes which will be used to pay for those nodes and support the network. The nodes are hosted on a service VPS which also accepts bitcoins.

The total of 250,000 TAO is kept and appointed for awards and bounties. The fact that TAO has already carried out OP_HODL, the remaining TAO from the awards or other things will be invested in OP_HODL time locked smart contract. Now the best part, these funds shall be secured for over 4 years and later will be used to create beautiful music and blockchain programs for children. Two most amazing things for two most amazing kinds of people on the planet; children and musicians.

Team TAO

TAO consists of a hyper intelligent team which runs the entire course of TAO. The team includes:

A legal counsel (Angela Swenson): who was a law judge and now with her experience is a part of TAO team.

Community Manager (Shaun Chacon): who is a professional and has an experience of over 12 years in the same industry. Shaun holds a great knowledge of the markets , and comes up with ideas to increase the efficiency of everyone.

Data Analyst (Vincent Zylinksi): a PHD mathematician who holds a passion for technology and blockchains.

Architect (Bryce Weiner): Bryce could easily be called a celebrity in the world of digital exchange. His interviews have been published on many places and he is extremely smart in creating the infrastructure of everything.

More about TAO

TAO is a real and authentic solution for the music industry. It is also a solution for teaching the new generation of people the classic and always exceptional ways of cryptocurrency. Imagine the possibilities with TAO. Amazing music, children becoming expert at digital trading and paying off with TAO once you are done shopping. The TAO network has announced the cryptocurrency crowd sale. TAO is basically working towards giving the musicians and artists a security towards their work for years to come. With IntelliTx technology, TAO networks give a way of creating secure and smart contracts on the platform irrespective of the protocol. The TAO of music is a beautiful melody in itself.