Spectiv ICO Token Sale Is Set For December 8th

Spectiv ICO Token Sale Is Set For December 8th

LiveTourLAB Technology and Assets has been acquired by Spectiv ICO: Token sale set for December 8th.

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Virtual reality streaming platform Spectiv has just closed on a deal with tech giants LiveTourLABs which involves the purchase of all its associated technology, intellectual property and assets. Spective aims at applying the technology created by LiveTourLAB so as to advertise within 360 -video spaces. Moreso, to create an enticing decision-based 360 experience. LiveTourLAB had incepted certain protocols that oversaw interactive images and 2D videos are succesfuly embeded within 360 environments and virtual reality. Spectiv intends to use this tech for product promotions in 2018-2019 by integrating it with its VR streaming platform to support large-scale VR advertising.

With LiveTourLAB’s total assets and technologies valued at $25k and a 0.15% of the signal token supply, their founders, Joakim Holmer and Anders Larrson fully brace Spectiv’s vision and are quite confident that their tech will be incepted into the market in a major way.
The two LiveTourLAB founders hold the belief that spective is on its way to becoming a leading supplier of cinematic VR globally and both are overwhelmed by the opportunity presented to them to support this journey. The two however still hold some advisory seats in the company for other developing VR ICO projects. Selling their assets to Spectiv is just a way to display the confidence they have in them and high hopes that they may succeed within their space.
One of the highest rated projects is the Spectivs LiveTourLAB GitHub with over 800 stars in ratings in the ReactVR GitHub.

Spectiv General Updates

Since Spective was the first creators of the Signal Token Protocol, a complex system that allows decentralized advertising on various media platforms. They are also going to be the first company to integrate the same protocol in their recent VR streaming platform. On the first week of November, Spectiv will roll out the Alpha V1 for this platform which aims to support viewing and community oriented uploading of 360 video contents.
On December 8th, The Signal Token Crowdsale will officialy commence. All Signal Tokens will be offered for sale at a price of $.50 each. However, for users who sign up for the