Specifics Of DubaiCoin & ArabianChain Technology

Specifics Of DubaiCoin & ArabianChain Technology

DubaiCoin is a cryptocurrency developed by the ArabianChain group. This currency has been around for over year, having been founded in early 2016.

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DubaiCoin is a cryptocurrency developed by the ArabianChain group. This currency has been around for over year, having been founded in early 2016. The currency was founded as an alternative cryptocurrency, specifically targeting the Arab world initially. The aim of this coin has been to improve the accessibility of cryptocurrencies in the target market. As of 2017, the currency is still operational and there have been several improvements made. It has been able to enjoy over a year of relative stability in the coin markets. A number of wallets and exchanges support this coin so far.

Basic info about DubaiCoin

DubaiCoin is created and developed by ArabianChain Technology, a multinational organization. The currency was launched with a specific target market and mission. While the coin is being refined, it has largely met some of its initial goals. The currency is traded in various markets and there are a number of merchants who accept it. There are a number of active pools that develop and advance this currency around the world. The value of the coin is still relatively low but stable. The currency operates on a decentralized blockchain where most of its apps are developed and where transactions also take place. The ArabianChain blockchain has a flexible open-source system where users are able to work with their own set of instructions as opposed to fixed instructions.

DubaiCoin Trading and Market Information

Market information on DubaiCoin is available through a number of coin markets. The coin, trading as DBIC, is mostly active on YoBit and also recently on CoinExchange. The trading volume was fairly constant in the last year but it has been picking up traction lately. Since the coin was launched, there has been a number of marketplaces that have warmed up to the coin. The main platform where it is accepted as a means of payment, however, is at DubaiShop – a platform created by the same company behind the coin.

DubaiCoin Mining and Ecosystem

The mining process of the currency is quite similar to that of other alternative currencies. Mining is done through a Proof of Stake system and any person with a good rig can participate in mining. The coin can be mined by most people as the process is rather straightforward, although, a substantial amount of CPU resources are needed. There are also Android apps developed around the coin to help any person seeking to join the community. The development team is active through various platforms and forums where they offer updates and news about the currency.

To Sum Up

DubaiCoin is a formidable alternative cryptocurrency with an enthusiastic team of investors behind it. The coin has the benefit of having a pool of resources around it. There are several significant platforms created around this coin, including a shopping platform, an exchange platform and a number of games. The organization behind the coin also has a formidable vision of pushing this currency as the main alternative digital currency in their region. The community of developers and the various pools also seem to be very committed to pushing this coin as far as possible.