Samsung Purchases Another AI Company In A Move To Improve Bixby

Samsung Purchases Another AI Company In A Move To Improve Bixby

Samsung recently purchased the AI company, Fluenty, with the goal to improve its smart assistance service, Bixby. Fluenty is the second AI company Samsung buys.

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Samsung recently purchased another AI company, this time from its own backyard, South Korea. News of this acquisition was first noted by The Korea Herald. The giant consumer electronics company bought Fluenty, in a bid to build up Bixby, its smart assistant. Samsung launched Bixby early this year on the Galaxy s8. Fluenty is the second AI company Samsung has purchased, having also bought Viv late last year. However, the move to acquire Viv was made too late, such that it didn’t have a huge impact on Bixby prior to its release. Viv is the brainchild of same developers behind Siri.

Fluenty’s app (also named Fluenty) was launched in the States in 2015. The platform offers automated text-replies on third-party social media services like Telegram, and on SMS. The service uses AI to recommend the most suitable conversational responses. It does not differ much from the features already available in these services. It is not difficult to see how a smart assistant like Bixby could profit from the acquisition.
Leaps made by companies like Apple and Google in the smart assistant department, have competitors working twice as hard to make their assistants more than just voice-only plugins. Anyone who has ever tried using Siri or Google Assistant in an environment that’s extremely loud or extremely quiet will tell you, at times text is way better.
Samsung remains tight-lipped on the acquisition but it’s evident that Fluenty could be a perfect fit for Bixby. This is considering the fact that Bixby was launched in the U.S. minus voice-functionality, which rolled out a few months later. Natural text language learning may effortlessly be incorporated into Bixby, even through something as simple as retaining its present text-centered functionality.
Fluenty’s app is currently missing from the Google Play Store which suggests may no longer be a standalone service.