Salesforce Joins The Cloud Native Foundation

Salesforce Joins The Cloud Native Foundation

Salesforce today announced that the company is joining the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), an organization that manages the popular Kubernetes tool.

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Today Salesforce announced that the company is joining the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), an open-source organization responsible for the management of Kubernetes, a popular tool for open-source container orchestration.

It is one of the big-name firms that recently joined the list that includes Microsoft, Oracle, VMware, Pivotal and AWS who also joined earlier this year. Majority of these other firms on the list have plenty of a cloud infrastructure angle. Salesforce, a SaaS a vendor, also has a clear picture of what others are seeing: containerization offers a way of enhancing the tighter control of the process of development. Kubernetes and cloud-native computing play a major role in that and sees an opportunity for action as well.

Salesforces’ Mark Interrante announced, in a blog post written to Medium, that the partnership is always a good sign when new technologies are quickly adopted by developers. They also prove that according to them, these products enhance the speed and ease with which the products are created, which is a certain objective for a firm like Salesforce to create new products at a quick pace.

In detail, Interrante added that the development teams in Salesforce had adopted numerous CNCF tools including the Kubernetes. “We have observed how orchestration of
software is simplified by containerization across a large fleet of servers. Kubernetes forms a big foundation for constant innovation/delivery which then boosts the delivery of the software”, as written by Interrante.

Salesforce, like other big software firms in CNCF partnership, as a player in the process, wants to benefit and influence the development of key tools and moving ahead. This form of collaboration, with Salesforce participating actively in open technology ecosystems, is influential in taking us forward”, he wrote.

Within a short time, CNCF and Kubernetes have become a force in the containerization process. With Docker as another technology that assists developers in the creation of containerized software, Kubernetes helps in management and deployment of all of it and Salesforce has a keen interest in forming a closer relationship with an organization that is running the program.