Sales Of VR Headsets Are Gradually Improving

Sales Of VR Headsets Are Gradually Improving

Many people predicted that sales would be very high when it comes to VR headsets.

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A lot of people predicted that sales would be very high when it comes to VR headsets. The prediction is not far from true because the companies record good results in selling 0f their devices.

The third quarter of 2017 showed that Sony succeeded to sell more than 490,000 devices of Playstation VR headset. At the same time, Oculus sold at least 210,000 Rift headsets, while HTC made a big success with 160,000 Vive devices sold. The Canalys agency that made the research suggested that results had exceeded more than one million sold devices in only one quarter. This result is a record in the category.

It is obvious that Sony has the best results in the selling of VR devices. The reason is quality and easiness of connecting with the PS4 gaming console. Users do not need to have PC in order to use the headset, which is a huge advantage. Oculus and HTC fight the battle on the market but it seems that Oculus deserves the better place, right behind Sony.

When it comes to prices, there are certain differences. Sony and Oculus offer their devices at the price of $399, while HTC goes one step further and sets the price at $599. On the market, Sony and Oculus have the 86 percent of the global share, which makes them the most important companies in this category. The situation might change with the introduction of Windows 10 Mixed Reality option this quarter. Additional innovations will definitely create more quality on the market.

VR devices are not only designed for graphically demanding titles. They also have the ability to provide free moving to the users, thanks to positional tracking. This feature is becoming available in even low-end devices such as Lenovo’s future headset and Oculus’ Santa Cruz prototype. These solutions will certainly provide controllers for positional tracking to all users.