RocketICO Aims To Revolutionize The ICO Market

RocketICO Aims To Revolutionize The ICO Market

RocketICO connects investors, experts and startups in a way to coordinate the entire blockchain community more competently and to build the trust within it.

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The ICO market currently is at the recession stage. This is because in the month of October they raised 5 times less investments as compared to the month of September. This makes the investors be more cautious concerning the upcoming project. 5 to 10% of the blockchain ICOs were scams or dodges and after their ICOs unconfirmed percentage of the new startups effectively failed. Thus, it’s a high percentage as compared to ICOs in 2017 which has raised more than $3 billion.
Due to this, even the promising project, it is very hard to get the investor. This means a lot of effort should be employed in order to create a good partnership with the investors, investments fund and also the business angle. Additionally, the ICO management is continuously getting expensive. This means that the average cost that can enable you to get an ICO usually is more than $1 million. Due to this the potential investors usually have to dig deep into the project in order to minimize the risks of failure. Thus, the investors invest much time and luckily, they lose interest in these projects.
However, the RocketICO effectively connects the investors, experts, and also startups in a way to well coordinate the entire blockchain community more competently and also to build the trust within it. Due to this, it built an ecosystem that effectively benefits the entire participant. Thus, during the pre-ICO (880 ETH) they effectively raised their initial goal up to 175%. Hence, the token sale usually opens from 15 November up to 15 December.
Additionally, the RocketICO also has the capability to builds a trust mainly in a blockchain community. A single person, group or either a team can effectively present their ideas mainly on the RocketICO platform. The ideas presented usually are validated by the community and also the expert. If the project gets support it will effectively get support or fund and also the help of an expert. Additionally, the platform offers the team with some helpful tools such as mentoring and also consulting, ICO management, Custom modules, metrics and also analytics.
The experts can effectively monetize their expertise mainly by participating in the RocketICO platform. The only requirement is only to pass the internal validation. Experts with high skills in design, business, marketing, software development, legal and also writing fields can effectively become sponsors mainly in this platform.
Also, the RocketICO has built a competent network of professionals in order to allow the professionals from the related fields to share the experience and also allow them to keep the entire expertise updated.
Every investor usually gets the access to the validated projects, in order to fully minimize the risk of failure and also to maximize the potential ROI. Every investor can effectively use the fillers in order to monitor every project by date, field and also by popularity. However, in order to increase the returns, the investor can fund the project mainly at its early stage. Many of the investors usually fund these projects and also provide expertise. The entire platform generally enables an easy and also a transparent method of communication between the team and also the investors. However, the fund from the investors is effectively well protected by small contracts and every investor basically has a full visibility of the budget that is used on the project.

The Tokens

Generally, the ROCK tokens refer to the utility coins that can be used mainly on the platform for the advanced interactions. Thus, by buying rocks one can acquire coins mainly for the investments in other projects. However, the value of the tokens usually increases concurrently due to the growth of the platform.
RocketICO purposes to create a fully transparent platform, which will only get a support from investors and also professionals. This will enable all the contributors to benefit its non-zero sum game.