Renos Coin – Community Based Cryptocurrency

Renos Coin – Community Based Cryptocurrency

Renos Coins is one of the fastest growing digital currencies. This coins’ team of developers is filled with determination and dedication. Consequently

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What is Digitalcoin?

Renos Coins is one of the fastest growing digital currencies. This coins’ team of developers is filled with determination and dedication. Consequently, cryptocurrency users are happy with the coin with many forums giving it a thumb up. Despite its simple and humble beginnings, its digital trajectory predicts a complex future. Even in its initial stages, the coin is already commanding the market, an indication that in future, the developers will have much more to offer to cryptocurrency users.

Invention of Renos Coin Airdrop

The development of the Renos coin started as a way to distribute coins to the growing community of the cryptocurrency users lurking on the Bitcoin forums. This led to a selection of an airdrop and since by then Renos was an altcoin, it was chosen. The selection received massive support from various users who backed up the project in different ways and within no time, its fan base was rapidly increasing. Within no time, the airdrop was launched and 30 million Renos distributed to the community.

Currently, the market is enjoying 33,333,333 Renos coins. 30 million of these coins are meant for the airdrop mining purposes, 3 million for development purposes. The remaining 333,333 are dedicated to the bounty section whereby once mined, they are used for promotional purposes with aim of helping market the coin reach its maximum potential.

Renos Coin Basic Info

Renos coin has the following specifications:

• It has a scripted algorithm

• Its ticker is RNS

• Uses POS network

• It has a block time of 60 seconds

• It has a stake rate of 1%

• It matures after 60 blocks

• It has a TX fee of 0.2RNS

Renos Coin Community

Other than coin mining, there are many activities going on in Renos community. Among those is the Renos logo design completion whose details you can get from their website The aim of this competition is to come up with unique and eye catching logos and if you emerge the winner, you will be awarded 50k Renos coins. In addition, the winner will be awarded a long-term graphic design contact with Renos in case future works come up.

In addition, users can take advantage of Renos’ presence on Telegram to get tips on mining as well as get information on what is trending in the markets. The bot is very useful and especially now that the coin has been added to the Cryptopia exchange.

Bottom Line

The fact that the developers have set aside a multi-pool of funds to help in the promotion and development of a healthy Renos coin is a clear indication that the cryptocurrency has a bright future. In addition to helping the crypto-coin grow, the fund will also be used in making it become self-sustaining and the development of other useful projects in the future. Such dedication and vision from the developers should give you faith in the coin. If you were looking forward to investing in cryptocurrency, there would be no better way to do it that using Renos coin. The cryptocurrency has the ability to allow everyone grow in a more dynamic and healthy environment. Check it out today.