Ready To Go Insane? A Review Of InsaneCoin

Ready To Go Insane? A Review Of InsaneCoin

InsaneCoin is an exception cryptocurrency that will take the industry by storm. This is the greatest project that is run by the fun-loving community.

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InsaneCoin is an exception cryptocurrency that will take the industry by storm. This is the greatest project that is run by the fun-loving community. INSANE is not copied or a clone of other coins. Although it is based on the code used on Bitcoin network, INSANE cryptocurrency is unique. The developers of this coin have added unique features that make it stand out in the cryptocurrency markets. The developers are focused on developing new features that will benefit the users. Besides making advancement in coding and features, the users will be ushered into an Insane Space. This is a place to meet, relax and build an environment that promotes creative thinking and prosperity of the coin.

Features of InsaneCoin

This cryptocurrency has features that can you never find in other coins on the market. These features include;

  • Velocity blockchain Security system: This is the most advanced blockchain security system that secures INSANE platform through restraint technology. This serves as a triple check against the blockchain issues such as incorrect fees and insufficient balances. Moreover, the Velocity security system safeguards the INSANE platform against malicious damage.
  • POS Version 3: This is the latest version that shows the Proof of Stake in the cryptocurrency. In this case, the users will have a hassle-free transaction at the INSANE platform.
  • Master nodes: this allows the users to earn up to 6 percent simplified interest. This Interest Scheme will enable the user to get maximum benefits out of the platform. However, the Master node interest will be halved to 3 percent after 4 years. Moreover, Master nodes will allow you to make instant transactions.
  • Secure messaging: if you want to send a message across a cryptocurrency, then the INSANE platform is the perfect option. In this case, you can securely send the message to the users in the community.
  • Darksend: Do you want to make anonymous transactions? Then INSANE platform is the answer. Darksend option will allow you to make the transactions without revealing your details.
  • POW mining: It now possible to mine the INSANE coin repeatedly. There is a block rewards system that allows you to get 1 coin per block. Moreover, you will get a chance of mining 2 coins if you find the random INSANE coin.
  • Adaptive block sizes: This increases or decreases the block size depending on how you will use the chain. In this case, the chain will be lighter even when flooded by transactions.
  • 30 million coin cap: The maximum number of insane coins will be 30 million. In this case, you should take the opportunity before the coins run out.
  • POS/POW INSANE blocks: You will get an 8 percent chance of finding the higher rate POS/POW blocks and a reward of 2 INSANE coins. The reward for POW and POS is 3 % and 1.5 % respectively.


The INSANE blockchain coin is the cryptocurrency that provides unique and excellent features. It provides the users maximum returns on investment. Besides allowing the users to send anonymous messages, the platform is also secured against malicious damage. However, the coin is yet to be released to the market.