Quick Introduction To InstantDEX

Quick Introduction To InstantDEX

InstantDEX is a decentralized exchange cryptocurrency platform, that allows people to make near-real-time exchange of one cryptocurrency to another ac

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InstantDEX is a decentralized exchange cryptocurrency platform, that allows people to make near-real-time exchange of one cryptocurrency to another across all machines in the network. Trades are done directlly between peers, due to an advanced P2P messaging protocol. Actually it’s an online trading platform, that interacts between its users and exchanges and matches all trades in real time. It’s a different kind of exchange from the traditional and centralized ways.

Basic Info of InstantDEX

It’s a useful and great trading platform, which provides various tools to its users and many possible ways to trade, such as a single unified orderbook across all kind of exchanges, an automatic arb discovery, decentralized oredrbooks, atomic coin swaps, nxt asset trading, decentralized pegs and much more. Whether the users are beginners or advanced, they can very easily use this platform and perform their online trading operations. More specifically, InstantDEX can automate exchange and deposit between crypto currencies for beginners through the use of specific vanilla tradebots. Moreover, it allows a number of stock exchange level complex trades under the same platform.

How InstantDEX works

The users can download the InstantDEX software to their computers and use it as their main cryptocurrency exchange platform. InstantDEX uses many sources of liquidity, such as Nxt asset and blockchain and focuses on representing various coins on P2P basis. Moreover, it also orderbooks from centralized exchanges, such as Bittrex and Poloniex via API keys. Actually, in this platform liquidity generates from a wide range of sources, where the users can benefits from lower spreads, that are provided by this software. In addition, the users can make instant exchanges, without losing 5%-20% on trades.Transactions are committed just in seconds; however full settlement (total control from one party to another) can be as quick as approximately 2 minutes for the the one who put the order in the order book, and approximately 10 minutes for the one that fills the order.

Special Tools & Very Low Fees

InstantDEX.org is a great step forward in the effort to eliminate failure exchange in the cryptocurrency market. It’s an open source, where users can also add other options. InstantDEX generates revenues by charging 0.1%- 0.2% of transactions. InstantDEX lets its users change their bid/ask without paying any fees and only charge them when a trade takes place. More specifically, it combines orderbooks from different kind of exchanges into a single orderbook, so the users can actually pay the lowest possible price in the market.The most important thing is that this platform minimizes the risk of theft, while taking advantage of their liquidity; it reduces costs, in many cases making trading almost free of charge. It’s one of the most powerful and decentralised softwares, by using friendly and easytools for both advanced and new users.