QubitCoin (Q2C) Cryptocurrency Review

QubitCoin (Q2C) Cryptocurrency Review

QubitCoin (Q2C) is a CPU based cryptocurrency with qubit algo. It was started in 2014 as a coin for the community. The digital currency runs on multip

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QubitCoin (Q2C) is a CPU based cryptocurrency with qubit algo. It was started in 2014 as a coin for the community. The digital currency runs on multiple hashing algorithms that increase the security of the network by preventing hacker attacks.

QubutCoin Features

· CPU mining

You can earn qubitcoins using a CPU. Simply download the new version for windows without the need of a special device. Since halving takes place every 60480 blocks, the data can be shared with all the computers on the network. You can also optimize the chain blocks without occupying much space on your PC. This makes Qubit a very unique CPU mined coin.

· Integration

The currency uses standard Bitcoin API which allows integration with any payment service.

· Fast transactions and exchange

Qubit blocks are generated every 30 minutes. This keeps the waiting time to a minimum which is very useful for commerce. Similarly, the exchange operation takes only a few minutes. The Coin blocks are rewarded at 2048 Q2C / Qbit per block. You can track all transactions in the network and the amount in the wallet.

· Pair share

The platform shows the percentage of selected pair transactions as well as the pair with the most transactions.

· Faucet

You can get Qubitcoins for free if there is no possibility of mining.

Qubit community

If you want to become part of this promising cryptocurrency today, just join the online community. When someone from the development team wants to moderate the forum, they are welcome to do so. When things change, they can update new information and answer questions from members. This is the best way to promote the Coin. Qubit has provided applications for use on social platforms like facebook, twitter, reddit and VK. The community members are always ready to assist you. The thread is located in (Bitcoin-talk) which is the largest forum for digital currencies.

Qubit exchanges

The cryptocurrency is currently being traded on ten exchange markets and is awaiting more listings. There are no fees for withdraws beyond the transaction fee required by the network.

Mining of Qubit

To start mining you should download the wallet and the latest version miner. Secondly, run the wallet, copy the file and let the miner download all blocks. When you are done downloading, click the `receive’ button. Make sure you login your username and password on the left side of the menu. Click `add new worker’ and create an easy password. When properly done, you’ll see a command window connecting the pool to start mining. After exchanging QubitCoin, you should withdraw on your wallet, deposit at BTC-e and then exchange to USD at zero rate. You can mine the cryptocurrency with well-defined data without any withdrawal fees. The exchange rates updates take place every minute. QubitCoin (Q2C) is arguably one of the most promising digital currencies. Since it was created, it has featured as one of the most used coins worldwide.

Unlike other traditional currencies, qubit is issued and managed without any central authority. If you want to access the latest information on mining and news, visit http://www.qubitcoin.com/. This site is supposed to help users with new information to start trading the digital currency. Currently, qubit has a team of developers who are focused on long-term development.