Quantum: An Emerging Cryptocurrency That Promises Liquidity

Quantum: An Emerging Cryptocurrency That Promises Liquidity

Despite their obvious advantages, existing cryptocurrencies suffer from two major drawbacks. Quantum tokens exist to alleviate both these issues and h

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Despite their obvious advantages, existing cryptocurrencies suffer from two major drawbacks. Quantum tokens exist to alleviate both these issues and have so far seen a growth of 484% within a couple months.

1) Low liquidity as compared to traditional financial institutions. This makes big investors reluctant from investing and creates skepticism.

2) Downward pressure trend market, in which new currency units are continuously mined and sold at the markets to cover expenses. As a result price falls and new cast must flow in to keep the price stable.
Quantum Project is a noteworthy venture designed to address these key drawbacks.

Quantum Cryptocurrency Basic Formula

In essence, Quantum cryptocurrency will achieve this using a multi-tier strategy, basic info on strategy is as follows:
Initial Investment in Liquidity Pool through presale ICO (Initial Coin Offering) Period> Liquidity Pool funds deployed for exchange and margin trading in all major currency markets> Pool profit used to buyback tokens and sent for destruction> Shortfall of tokens drives prices up for existing tokens
Quantum Cryptocurrency Major Features:Quantum tokens available at http://www.quantumproject.org/ use ethereum protocol and boast following unique features:
Liquidity Pool: Qunatum project aims to bring institutional grade liquidity to cryptocurrencies through a liquidity pool which gets funded initially through QAU tokens bought during presale period. 1/3 of the tokens bought are sent back to investors while the remaining 2/3 tokens will be opened up in all major currency markets to promote liquidity and expand currency.
Upward Pressure Trend Market: Quantum tokens are unique as they follow an upward trend market and this makes them a true deflationatory currency in existence. Funds generated from liquidity pool will be used to buyback QAU tokens at best possible market price and then subsequently destroyed to reduce the amount of tokens available in market and increase token value.
– Blackhole Address: All buyback tokens will be sent to an address to get destroyed forever. This address and the amount of tokens destroyed will be available on the http://www.quantumproject.org/ website.
To prevent funds loss, QAU promises to use advanced risk mitigation systems which will distribute pool funds among various currency pairs and marketplaces. In case of bankruptcy or financial crisis, liquidity pool will be protected from collapse.

Quantum Cryptocurrency Performance So Far

– During the pre-sale period that started on 15th April, 2017, as much as 8.24 million token units were sold for a price of 0.05 USD per QAU token. This amounted to an initial capital generation of $4.12 million.
– Since then, trading has started and 1/3 QAU tokens will be returned to investors starting from 14th June, 2017.
– QAU token trading has resulted in positive results so far with $23.91 million market capitalization and price reaching 0.29 QAU. This amounts to a gain of approximately 484%.
– This currency has so far been released on Gatehub and Livecoin.com with more expected releases to follow in future.


The unique upward pressure trend financial model and initial gains give QAU a positive outlook. However, whether this financial model will survive in the ever-changing cryptocurrency world needs to be seen. For more information checkout their official website at http://www.quantumproject.org