Prime-XI – The Next Generation Private Cryptocurrency

Prime-XI – The Next Generation Private Cryptocurrency

Prime-XI (PXI), pronounced Prime Eleven, is a next-generation private cryptocurrency that is entirely decentralized without any central authorities. T

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Prime-XI (PXI), pronounced Prime Eleven, is a next-generation private cryptocurrency that is entirely decentralized without any central authorities. The digital currency is an open source, international payment system designed to provide a safer and faster way to conduct business in any part of the globe. PXI boasts of instant confirmations a feature that as enabled it to facilitates faster transactions than all its predecessors. To secure the Prime XI as a long-term currency and to spread its network worldwide, the digital currency shunned exchanges for the first forty-five days.

Prime-XI’s Mission

The mission of PXI is to attain international adoption for a safer, fair (to both miners and traders) advanced, peer to peer system driven perception. The currency is therefore designed to offer a market cap of 100 million dollars in a market that provides a safer and faster way of conducting business. It extends to all Chinese, English, German, Russian, Spanish and several other languages thereby establishing a robust community that lives various parts of the world. Besides currently being on several trading exchanges, Prime-XI is focusing its energies on the creation of innovations that will propel it to even greater heights.

Hashing Method

The hashing algorithm this cryptocurrency utilizes (during mining) is resilient to cryptanalytic attacks, generic second-preimage attacks, and safe from black-box attacks and features extra layers of protection. It even uses a protected chain hashing method that utilizes 11 multiple algorithms. The entire network is, therefore, not only sophisticated and optimized but also efficient. The whole setup ensures traders experience less waiting and worrying as Prime-XI realizes instant confirmations and transactions that are substantially faster than those of other cryptocurrencies.

Software and hardware performance

Since its inception in the year, PXI has attained the status of a mature, advanced cryptocurrency that operates with excellence. Prime-XI realizes an excellent hardware and software performance; GPUs run at approximately 30 percent less electric power and between 30 and 50 percent cooler than is the case with common digital currencies. So, in addition to the several layers of protection, PXI boasts of minimal resource consumption. This feature allows any user to mine the cryptocurrency even when low levels of energy is available or in areas where there is widespread supply disruption.

Reward System

The network rewards miners based on a PROP system only charging a 2 percent fee. The fee may, however, change at any time although if there any change will be communicated to users promptly. With such a reward system, a user can realize pump to pump by opting to mine all their coins in one week or half of their totals coins in a single month. Evidently, therefore, the network has a significantly fair and reasonable reward system compared to several other digital currencies currently available.


Prime-XI is a secure, anonymous, international cryptocurrency that is completely centralized and hence managed autonomously. Since its inception in 2014, the digital currency has gone through several improvements that have enabled it to attain global adoption. The hashing method uses 11 multiple algorithms and features several layers of protection. Thanks to its low resource requirements, any user irrespective of wattage at their disposal can conveniently mine coins in the network.