PewDiePie Goes Blockchain Friendly

PewDiePie Goes Blockchain Friendly

PewDiePie is the personality who stands as the mastermind of the highly subscribed' YouTube channel.

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PewDiePie is the personality who stands as the mastermind of the highly subscribed’ YouTube channel. It will begin to stream about the blockchain Dlive’ as from April 14th. The organization announced about its press release being on April 9th.

The D-Live which is powered by the blockchain broadcasting application made up of a reward system for the creators of content will act as an exclusive live-streaming platform for the well known Swedish’ YouTuber Felix Kjellberg famously referred to as the PewDiePie according to the notes from the press release.

Depending on the decentralized protocol Lino of the blockchain, Dlive can successfully allow both viewers and the content makers to get rewards for their involvement in the creation of content and consumption of the same in form of’ Lino tokens, and the native cryptocurrency’ from Lino blockchain. From the information in the press release, Dlive boasts of over 3 million monthly active users and at least 35,000 streamers.

PewDiePie approved this news through their YouTube Channel on April 9th. He claimed that Dlive is highly effective because he gets treated as a real partner.

Having been launched in the year 2010, PewDiePie is both gaming and comedic related channel which garnered more than 93 million subscribers and around 21 billion views for their video. This, therefore, gave it the rank of highly subscribed and 10th position most viewed channel from YouTube.

The move was undertaken due to the recent petition that was aimed at banning PewDiePie from accessing YouTube because he was accused of being one of the largest platforms offering white supremacist content. The petition also got more than 81,000 signers during the press period. This was created after the PewDiePie channel was mentioned’ by Christchurch gunman before he attacked 2 mosques in New Zealand.

In the course of the petition, Kjellberg claimed the accusations which were rivaled against him were blatantly misinforming and misrepresenting the people. He continued to claim that most of them were pure lies.

Recently the streaming service’ Twitch owned by Amazon removed Bitcoin cash and Bitcoin (BTC) as the options of payment for the subscribers. On April 14th, AltDex, the provider of crypto- indices launched a crypto index meant for tokens related to gaming which were created to track down tokens and cryptocurrencies of the projects that are based on the blockchain, to the video games’, esports and other corresponding decentralized applications.