Peseta – Welcome To The Spanish Cryptocurrency Market

Peseta – Welcome To The Spanish Cryptocurrency Market

Cryptocurrency has developed itself over the last 10 years with the appearance of Bitcoin in 2009, the idea was to create a digital currency independe

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Cryptocurrency has developed itself over the last 10 years with the appearance of Bitcoin in 2009, the idea was to create a digital currency independent from government and banking economical systems that are centralized and therefore regularized according to the economic growth and the financial actions of the central banks in each country. In the case of cryptocurrency, it would be decentralized in such a way that the system would be maintained by the same community that uses the computers to validate transactions in a safe and private manner, therefore, security, integrity, and balance of the books are guaranteed by the users known as miners. That’s how cryptocurrency works in the general idea and Pesetacoin in the new entrepreneur in the Spanish Market, as the alternative cryptocurrency not only for Spanish people but for all the world. The benefits that make Pesetacoin an interested option to the typical Euro/dollar market, are the very minimum fees charged to users for making any kind of transactions (way different to wire transfers or Paypal fees and also because of the privacy involved in the system, allowing you to buy anything from anyone without being traced or tracked by any entity (just like cash).

The best thing is that as an international currency, it can be accepted in any part of the world and can be used to buy goods and services without the need of exchange expenses, although if desired, it can be exchanged for another cryptocurrency in the market or by USD or EUR. Another important quality is that you don’t have to wait for a transaction to proceed or put on hold, the money is transferred immediately due to the amazing speed (536 GHz) of the nodes spread all over the world that ensure a fast trade. Some people also buy it when global main currencies like USD, EUR or GBP are unstable due to political affairs, just like when the Brexit exploded and many people started buying gold.

The website, on the other hand, is very well developed, explains how to download the software to your laptop (for all operative systems) and also how to create a wallet in the system and start making trades, selling and buying with Peseta coin, which is quite important. To get Peseta coins, there are several ways, one of them is to buy them in €, also by getting them for free in official faucets which are sometimes donated by the users and finally, by exchange of Bitcoins that can be traded in websites provided by the same Peseta coin in the “Como conseguirPesetacoins?” link, that as to the 27th July of 2017, the price of conversion is PTC=0.00000435 BTC and PTC=0.01078 $. The website allows you to access day to day information of data worldwide by the link “DatosPesetacoin” where you can see the active wallets and nodes worldwide as well as the transactions made in that day. The website also shows how to create nodes that establish the speed of the market and tries to endorse such nodes in the community. It’s a really good option when speaking of cryptocurrency especially because the website and the apps are really clear regarding all the operations and the market itself