Patientory Cryptocurrency 101: What To Know

Patientory Cryptocurrency 101: What To Know

Patientory is a blockchain distributed sort of electronic medical records (EMR) network and cryptocurrency as well.

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Patientory is a blockchain distributed sort of electronic medical records (EMR) network and cryptocurrency as well. Essentially, it serves as a practical ‘bridge’ that connects ‘siloed’ and centralized EMR systems. Healthcare facilities and organizations can use it to obtain private health data of patients whenever necessary. They can as well rent servers, data centers and even computing power through this healthcare oriented digital currency. It also lets such kinds of organizations to make their unutilized resources available via a distinctive private network. PTOY is the native token for this Ethereum based blockchain platform, and it also doubles up as the currency fuel. With PTOY, users can be able to rent health data storage space on the network or even make health oriented smart contract payments and transactions. Here is some more basic info on this revolutionary digital currency.

Why is Patientory important?

There is a very fast growing need for effective healthcare cybersecurity solutions at the moment. Not to mention the prerequisite computing power for healthcare establishments along with medical researchers to run big applications as well as process large volumes of patient data. Through this unique blockchain platform, the processing of large volumes of patient data is effortlessly supported. At the same time, this data can as well be used by artificial intelligence. This naturally goes a long way in efficiently facilitating for much more accurate patient treatment.

How can patients utilize the Patientory network?

Via a distinctive mobile device app, patients can be able to create personalized profiles on this online platform. Then, they can store all their medical and healthcare data in this highly secure and HIPAA complaint EMR network. It also facilitates for peer to peer patient engagement to guarantee better health outcomes.

How can healthcare entities use the Patientory network?

Patientory permits healthcare facilities and organizations to significantly mitigate serious data breaches. In a nutshell, via blockchain technology, this platform caters for enhanced health data confidentiality, the timely detection of security threats and also offers discloser protection. As you might probably be already aware of, blockchain facilitates for a much more permanent recording of online data exchange. This is, generally speaking, the biggest edge this network possesses over the run of the mill electronic medical records networks.

How can you get mined Patientory tokens?

This cryptocurrency, through the PTOY tokens, lets users obtain the various services that the network makes available to them. At the moment the Patientory Foundation holds 30,000,000 PTOY tokens. While yet another 20,000,000 PTOY tokens have been exclusively reserved for healthcare research and development that will be carried out in the future. Finally, a remainder of 10,000,000 is scheduled to be distributed to the team behind this digital currency in the course of 5 years, upon the realization of key milestones. To access much more detailed info on just how you can be able to obtain mined PTOY tokens, please feel free to visit

In just which digital currencies’ exchanges can you trade Patientory?

This digital currency can be conveniently traded on a select number of exchanges at the moment. Some of the particular markets you can be able to do so include Bitrex, ICOBazaar, EtherDelta, Token Market as well as Liqui.