Pandacoin (PND) – Cute Cryptocurrency For The Masses

Pandacoin (PND) – Cute Cryptocurrency For The Masses

The developers claim that Pandacoin is ASIC-immune, unlike some other coins. Pandacoin was released on Valentine's Day, February 14, 2014. Like Nyanco

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The developers claim that Pandacoin is ASIC-immune, unlike some other coins. Pandacoin was released on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2014. Like Nyancoin, this cryptocurrency had a fairly low market capitalization and recently returned to $ 1.5 million.

On the coin, we see a lazy bear panda, which plays with a bamboo stick. Some Chinese characters, which probably mean “Panda Currency”, complete the appearance of this coin.

Pandocoin after the launch on February 14, 2014 immediately won sympathy. Actually, mining Pandacoin already brings a large profit even to simple miners. Crypto currency Pandocoin is not a currency only for speculation on the course, but actually a currency.

Taking into account the history of creation and how much money was invested in this cryptocurrency, from marketing and PR to adequate currency receivers, we can conclude that Pandacoin is a reliable currency. It is oriented on Asia markets, but its founders are from the USA.

The main exchanges and websites took it quickly. In fact, this new coin immediately went into circulation. Creators have spent and spend now very large sums of money for its promotion and maintenance.

However, due to the powerful start and liquidity, Pandacoin has found its envious. But this is the result of success. Small similarities of this cryptocurrency try to bite off at least a small, but a tasty slice of pie. And at the moment there are already 4 false Pandacoins on the planet.

On the pool, you can immediately look at the charts of the current price. A very good algorithm against the fluctuations and use of ASIC plus the democratic reward scheme made PandaCoin famous in just a few days. The PandaCoin algorithm is comparable to Vertcoin (VTC), but is slightly more complex in terms of the n-factor complexity.

Pandacoin can be mined a little harder than other cryptocurrencies. The speed of the output is 2 times less. However, the profit is high.The Pandacoin (PND) Development Crew had identified several fundamental issues that all coins suffer from, that is precluding individuals, sellers, and retailers from freely accepting and giving crypto coins as a form of money. Again, similar to the first major update by Pandacoin, developers will be planning, developing and leading crypto currency infrastructures and methods in a way that has not been attempted earlier. An announcement of a date of issue for the next large update by Pandacoin developers will be launched when the developers have a good estimation of when they can finish the next large update to Pandacoin.
In order to hasten and enlarge the numbers of contemporaneous progress for Pandacoin, the Pandacoin (PND) Development Crew will start a Pandacoin (PND) Fellowship Crowdfunding program.

This crowd funding program will open in the format of a fresh dedicated section on the new homepage, to show projects which might be funded by the fellowship to onwards improve Pandacoin and its developing ecosystem. Projects using the Pandacoin Fellowship Chest funds will be displayed on this platform as well. The program will redouble as a social project management instrument used by the Pandacoin (PND).

Official website of the cryptocurrency.