OrbitCoin – Connecting Supporters And Innovators

OrbitCoin – Connecting Supporters And Innovators

OrbitCoin is an open-source community built start-up that aims at facilitating the financing of space projects and innovations. Orbitcoin is an indepe

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OrbitCoin is an open-source community built start-up that aims at facilitating the financing of space projects and innovations. Orbitcoin is an independent decentralised cryptocurrency that is not controlled by any single entity. The currency enables fast and efficient transactions between people around the globe so that anyone who is eager to donate to a scientific project can do so without having to pay unnecessarily large taxes. Orbitcoin unites supporters and pioneers in all different fields of work by helping them skip the costly and cumbersome traditional bank payments. People from all over the world can make use of Orbitcoin and especially businesses and start-ups from developing countries that have the possibility to access international markets for free.

Orbitcoin was launched in July 2013 by a team of young enthusiasts who truly believe in the freedom that cryptocurrencies and blockchain can bring to the society. Orbitcoin is rare because it has a total supply of 3.77 million coins that can be earned or mined. It is also advanced since it uses a hybrid of proof-of-work (PoW) and proof-of-stake (PoS) system. The combination of the two systems makes the whole cryptocurrency more secure and resistant to potential attacks. Both PoW and PoS can bring the miner the same reward of 1 Orbitcoin.

Only some simple and basic information is needed in order to start utilising Orbitcoin. Firstly, a person has to create a wallet. That is a computer program that runs on either Windows, Linux or MacOS X. It works as a bank account where users send and receive coins completely free of charge. In fact, owning a wallet is not only gratis, it actually generates money by earning interest. After downloading and installing the Orbitcoin wallet, users can start getting their coins. They can buy them on market exchanges such as such as Bittrex, UseCryptos, Bleutrade, Cryptopia and alcurEX. Customers can also earn free Orbitcoins on giveaways and faucets like Multifauce.uk or they can also mine coins themselves. Thanks to the unique design of Orbitcoin, generating coins has even become energy saving.

Current ways of mining are widely known for being energy-consuming. However, Orbitcoin has come with a solution to that. The algorithm used to be mined is called Neoscrypt and requires much less power that Bitcoin’s SHA256 for instance. This makes mining more sustainable and a lot more meaningful activity. What is more, users of Orbitcoin can contribute to the development of the astronomy and space exploration. Two of the main projects supported by Orbitcoin are the construction of a prototype spacecraft and the performance of superluminal communication. The latter meaning that communication can be achieved at a faster than light speed which may eventually help us send or receive valuable information to and from different parts of the galaxy.