New Online Therapy Service To Be Integrated With Pacifica’s Self-Help App

New Online Therapy Service To Be Integrated With Pacifica’s Self-Help App

Pacifica’s self-help app has been designed to help people access cognitive behavior treatment exercises.

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Are you depressed or anxious and finding it hard to admit your condition? Have you tried to look for help but in vain? Pacifica’s self-help app has been designed to help people access cognitive behavior treatment exercises. The app is currently starting a directory for therapists who will help users take another step in their lives. The service will help users to select a provider, complete various exercises as part of their therapy and use Pacifica’s platform to attend online consultations.

Dale Beerman, who is the founder of this app, says that more than 500 providers have registered with their directory and more will register after its launch. The Therapist Directory is a link that is used to connect the clinicians and its app. It helps therapists to add consultation sessions to the ones that currently exist.

Pacifica’s Self-help app was started in 2014 by Chris Goetel and Dale Beerman who got inspiration from their past experiences. Chris Goettel struggled to cope with social anxiety during his teenage years while Dale Beerman had difficulties to deal with insomnia during his childhood. The two armed with their individual experiences developed an app that would help users solve their depression or anxiety problems. Both of them had friends and family members who had become victims of depression. But they realized that they were finding it to obtain the required because no one was willing to help them.

Many people shared about how they had been intimated during their therapy and were searching for tools that will be compliant with their daily schedules. The features can fight depression, anxiety, and stress because they are based on mindfulness meditation. The features of this app include a mood and health tracker, journaling tools and relaxation exercises that will assist the users to set goals and analyze their achievements.

The founders felt it necessary to launch the therapy directory because the app had grown in size.

One of the benefits of using the app is that therapists can give their patients exercises and monitor their progress through the entire week. It offers users a chance to interact with their providers to review their exercises data together which helps them to make the necessary adjustments to achieve desired results. One thing that differentiates Pacifica’s self-help app from other mental apps in the market is its integrated approach. It competes with other similar apps like Talkspace, Joyable, and Happify.

The app helps people to understand their mental condition and how they can obtain help. It helps them to start therapy designed to help them regain their sober life. If you have your friend or relative who is finding it hard to admit his mental condition, then Pacifica’s self- help app will be of great help to him. It will help him to obtain professional assistance on how he can cope with his depression or anxiety problem. He will be able to identify a therapist who will take him through all consultations online until he recovers fully. The Pacifiac’s self-help app is no doubt the best mental health app available today.