N26 Users in France, Italy, Spain & Finland Can Now Use Apple Pay

N26 Users in France, Italy, Spain & Finland Can Now Use Apple Pay

From today onwards, Apple Pay's wallet app will support N26 cards.

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Good news if you use Apple Pay. N26 – a Fintech startup, has just added Apple Pay support in those European countries where Apple Pay has been launched. From today onwards, their wallet app will now support N26 cards. While users in France have had this feature for quite some time, only today was it made available to those in Finland, Italy as well as Spain.

If you are in one of the supported countries and use an N26 card, you can add it to the Wallet app on an iOS device, here’s how: Press the plus button after launching the app. The one on the top right side of the screen. You will be prompted to key in your card number. You can either scan the card or manually key in the numbers.

Then, you will receive a confirmation from N26. You may get a text message or a push notification from the app.
This is the last step. Depending on what N26 card you have, you will get a different icon. If your card is the N26 black card, it will be reflected in the app. The same goes for the N26 standard card.

It’s also possible to add this card straight from an Apple Watch. You need to open the Watch app on your phone first. But, this only works if you have already linked your card to your phone.

Surprisingly, Apple Pay isn’t supported by many European Banks. Throughout France, Italy, and Spain only a few banks have endorsed this technology. For now, you can use the N26 card to bypass these restrictions.

Frequent travelers will benefit most from this card. Beside getting financial freedom, that will be able to transact from abroad for free. By following this procedure, they will be Able to use Apple Pay on London’s rapid transport system – the London Underground. Something exclusively previously enjoyed only by native Londoners.