Megacoin – The Global Cryptocurrency

Megacoin – The Global Cryptocurrency

Megacoin is an innovative and universal cryptocurrency which is accessible for everyone. The coin is designed for multinational usage and offers great

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Megacoin is an innovative and universal cryptocurrency which is accessible for everyone. The coin is designed for multinational usage and offers great value for investments in the long term. Megacoin makes traditional banking redundant because cryptocurrency transactions are way cheaper, anonymous and almost instant. The peer-to-peer system also offers a secure and reliable network supported by the miners. With its numerous benefits, Megacoin has the potential to expand and become accepted on markets worldwide and change the whole payment system as we know it today.

Megacoin has a total supply of 42 million coins and half of them have already been distributed in the first five months of its existence. In the next several decades the remaining 21 million will be generated thus ensuring the continued use of the coin. The limited supply also guarantees a more stable currency and prevents inflation. Every 420,000 blocks or approximately two years, the reward starts at 25 and is halved each period.  A new block is generated every two and a half minutes and the difficulty retarget happens every 22.5 minutes. People can earn Megacoins by mining them with special powerful computers or trade them on numerous online exchange markets such as, btc38, bter, cryptsy, poloniex etc.

Individuals, as well as businesses, can simply generate a wallet and start using it the same way that they use their online bank account. Wallets are available for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems and also for Android smartphones. In fact, the first physical transaction has already been generated. In 2013 the first documented payment for tangible goods was executed and a pizza was purchased for 5000 Megacoins. That was a promising event and brings hope for the bright future of this truly revolutionary cryptocurrency.

Megacoin offers a secure blockchain network, convenient payments and privacy that every person in our era strives for. No personal information needs to be provided for the money transfer and people’s anonymity is a priority. Like most of the cryptocurrencies, Megacoin also publishes all the transactions on a public ledger with public addresses accessible to anyone. However, this method has proven not to be fully anonymous. In light of this, Megacoin is working on improving the privacy by implementing innovative systems such as the one of Zerocoin, for instance. Megacoin is a cheaper and much more efficient alternative to traditional banks and that is why it already possesses a large network of users. The cryptocurrency can be used worldwide and the biggest number of its users come from China. Megacoin is global, it faces no boundaries and connects people even from the most faraway places on earth.