Meet Kin – Canadian’s Messaging App Kik’s Cryptocurrency

Meet Kin – Canadian’s Messaging App Kik’s Cryptocurrency

KIN is a great decentralized ecosystem cryptocurrency from KIK, which is one of the most popular Canadian messaging apps. The nonprofit organization d

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KIN is a great decentralized ecosystem cryptocurrency from KIK, which is one of the most popular Canadian messaging apps. The nonprofit organization designed and developed the cryptocurrency to be integrated into their messaging app and enhanced the functionality of the application. With the cryptocurrency, you can access VIP charts, pay for goods and services online and even purchase user content online. KIN entered the market with a $50 million investment and raised over $125 million in their full ICO launch.

The cryptocurrency includes additional third-party identification system that helps to ensure that your currency is safe in the cryptocurrency system. The application has attracted over 700 million users in China alone, with many of them linking their banks account to the platform. KIN is designed to ensure that users can be able to access a wide range of services within the same application.

KIK is a great social network as well as a chat app, and the implementation of KIN in this system has broadened the services that are available in the app to include doing e-commerce in a new and unprecedented ways. The fact that the cryptocurrency has successfully managed to assimilate economic value into communication system make the digital communication app essential in daily life.

The app is not managed or controlled by any organization of government making it the most secured online payment to use. In fact, the cryptocurrency offers very high innovative payment methods that offer a lot of freedom, leaving the market with less choice to make.


KIN engine is designed to include high innovative cytptoeconomic structure that ensures that has made kin one of the most preferred cryptocurrency in the market. The cryptocurrency is mined by the stakeholders using a reward engine that adopts algorithm that reflects the contribution of each community in the overall ecosystem. The economic structure intends to offer a natural incentive to the digital services subscribers to adopt KIN payment methods and partner with the KIN ecosystem.


During early analysis of Kin, the 10 trillion token ideas became an issue to many as the amount seemed to be obscenely excessive. However, the cryptocurrency as grew over the last few years with one trillion being distributed in tokens through various distribution events and pre-sales arrangements. With the ten percent achievement, it is now clear that company will realize their overall target. 30 percent will be distributed through Kik, while the remainder will be distributed through an enigmatic system called “Kin Reward Engine.” The engine distributes the cryptocurrency to the ecosystem through rewards to participants therein. The technical structure of the Kin reward Engine has not been revealed, and the credibility of the engine remains a mystery.


KIN is a cryptocurrency that adopts the decentralized model of operations and management, which is the most suitable way forward. It is convenient as it is incorporated in KIK, which is the most popular messaging app. The cryptocurrency also offers a lot of freedom and security. KIN is envisioned to bring secure, fair and user-oriented digital payment service to the market.