Macau Hosted OneCoin`s 2017 Event

Macau Hosted OneCoin`s 2017 Event

OneCoin organized one of its OneLife Global Events that took place between the 6th and 7th of May this year. The event was hosted by Studio City Event

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OneCoin organized one of its OneLife Global Events that took place between the 6th and 7th of May this year. The event was hosted by Studio City Event Center in Macau, China. Being called OneLife Global Convention, the event is continuing the brand’s tradition of getting the team together to evaluate their progress and share within their system the exciting news of their upcoming projects.

If you are not aware, OneCoin is a centralized digital currency that is created through “mining”. The cryptocurrency has a finite number of 120 billion coins, according to the company`s official website. In addition, OneCoin & OneLife ecosystem is known to be one of the fastest growing networks in the world.

They believe there are 2 key reasons for this imposing growth of the company so far. These are the achievements of the leaders of OneLife system as professionals and – last but not least – the events that have been organized all over the world – to inspire and bond the OneLife community, to strengthen the team and better its work. The company gives chance for each leader to organize events as part of their own networking activities. OneLife also organizes global events that are hosted each year – to introduce prospective members to the company and share news about upcoming projects. This tradition dates 3 years ago with the first OneCoin global event – the Mining Extravaganza event in January 2015, when the total number of OLN members was just above 51,000.

Events like the OneLife Mastermind, GoldRush, The Rise of The Empire, Mining Extravaganza 2015 and CoinRush have proven how strong the network’s vision for success is and what people can achieve with devotion and hard work. And – of course – they’ve shown they know how to throw parties, enjoy themselves together and make the bonding within the team, which they call the Dream Team.

The global events also mark major announcements

In June 2016, OneCoin announced the launch of an entirely new brand – the OneLife Network. The announcement was made in front of 4,000 people at the CoinRush Global event in London – along with 3 new websites and logos for OneCoin, the OneLife Network, and OneAcademy.

The passion of the company for the glamorous and fancy is seen in the parties outlook and styling. Here are some videos of the latest OneCoin event that took place in Macau:

And here is the warm-up for the 2017 event in Macau, which sums up some of the previous events:

If you are aware of other global parties and events in the cryptocurrency world, feel free to share them in the comments. We’ll be happy to know about them and even feature some!


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