LAToken Opens a New Blockchain Revolution

LAToken Opens a New Blockchain Revolution

The Arrival of LAToken promises to transform the cryptocurrency into a multi-trillion market.As LA Token expands the crypto economy even further,

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The Arrival of LAToken promises to transform the cryptocurrency into a multi-trillion market.

As LA Token expands the crypto economy even further, blockchain-based asset tokenization appears to have huge potential. The question is: can it spark the same kind of revolution in finance trading that blockchain has already managed in the world of payments?

When it first started, few could have predicted the success of Blockchain. It has expanded rapidly and become a major player in the world of finance. According to Juniper Research 60% of large corporations are either in the process of putting it into action or are actively considering its use. What progress it has achieved so far, then, could prove to be the tip of the iceberg.

The Blockchain Revolution

So, what exactly can Blockchain-based tokenization of these assets do? In short, it promises to open up the financial markets and give everyone the chance to unlock the value of illiquid assets, whether it’s loans from the bank, artwork or real estate.

The concept is to convert the rights to any asset into a simple digital token on a blockchain. Interest is high. Financial intermediaries have a clear incentive to move these physical assets from the real world and into the digital to capitalize on all the fantastic gains of bitcoin while retaining the valuable characteristics of the asset.

There are, however, some problems. Even those many exchanges have gone paperless the cost of transactions is very high, the trades lack transparency and they still really on participants who are trusted. Platforms have come into being to address some of these problems, but this remains a work in progress.

LAToken Gains First-Mover Advantage

The first of these, LA Token is already up and running. It makes these tangible assets tradable in crypto and creates a new way to deal with these assets which until now were only used in the real world.

It has solved the cost issue. Transactional costs under LAToken are almost nothing, and there are no interests rate payments. It is fast and straightforward. Tokenizing a house, for example, will take less than a week rather than 65 days and more to sell a property.

This is a unique opportunity for any adventurous investors. Using LAToken they can unlock illiquid value in assets such as art, which means you can have a fictional sale of the painting. For example, you might be able to buy a tiny piece of a French Castle or one of Picasso’s masterpieces for the equivalent of $10 of LAT’s. As such, people can now trade in fractions of an asset – something which was previously only open to major investors.

New classes coming

Growth so far has been eye-catching. The market for LAToken already stands in the trillions of dollars, based on the current value of global assets. But there may be more on the way. Asset classes will be added within a few weeks to the platform enabling it to offer an ever-widening choice to potential investors. It’s a great way for new investors to enter the market and for others to diversify asset classes for their portfolio.

The Blockchain revolution has already achieved an enormous amount. LAToken represents another front in its continuing march.