KoreCoin (KORE) Cryptocurrency – All You Need To Know

KoreCoin (KORE) Cryptocurrency – All You Need To Know

The benefits of digital currency over traditional modes of payment range from avoiding governments and middlemen. There are, however, potholes to fill

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The benefits of digital currency over traditional modes of payment range from avoiding governments and middlemen. There are, however, potholes to fill with regard to anonymity and security. Enter KoreCoin (KORE), a cryptocurrency service that promises a revolutionary and airtight Bitcoin experience online.


KoreCoin claims to enhance anonymity through new innovation and ’highly secure’ Coding. Functionality of the code works through the TOR browser. Claiming to be the first to introduce the feature, KORE coin uses a functional PoS wallet that is incorporated in the TOR browser. Other features include anonymous phone calls, no transactions history and a secret, decentralized market place.

Without further ado, let’s highlight the features that make KoreCoin what it is as of now.

KoreCoin Features


KoreCoin claims that this feature is the answer to expensive Blackphones and Cryptophones. KoreVolP’s ’groundbreaking’ features include voice, and chat communication through any network. The communication is ’secure, encrypted and untraceable’. Moreso, you don’t have to download software to facilitate the communication. This acts to eliminate the probability of intrusion though malware. Once you sign up for the service, you will be guided through the procedures to follow en-route to a totally anonymous phone call or chat.


This feature addresses the issue of insecure transactions. Traditional PoB otherwise Proof of Burn uses the same address that was used to send the coins. This, according to KoreCoin, is vulnerable to tracing. Now, KoreCoin’s ’Holy Grail’ ensures the user has the ability to keep the source of their coins anonymous. The feature also erases all addresses both sent and received, ’burning’ them and issuing new, never been used before addresses for any transaction. You will be able to hide the source of your coins. While sending, you will use a Special Address, completely untraceable back to you. The receiver will also get Newly Burned, or alternatively Mined Coins from a never been used before address.


KoreBay is a feature for anonymous shopping or bartering. KORECoin enables you to buy goods and services through a totally anonymous and decentralized marketplace. This works to ensure barter and shopping information is untraceable to a specific user. The feature ensures any catalogue, history or transaction is only available to you, the buyer.


Firesurf is there to ensure that anything you do through using KoreCoin is encrypted, anonymous and private. It basically adds another layer of security to your online experience. The Kore Wallet has an inbuilt browser, ANON, that works through TOR. The Kore Wallet has a link to ANON that will take you to the feature directly. Firesurf is free with the Kore Wallet.

Other Specifications to KoreCoin include

· Zero Premine and zero IPO

· Minimum stake time set at one hour, maximum stake time being eight hours

· PoW ends at 100,000 and mined at 1,200,000 KORE

· The minimum transaction fee is 0.01 KORE

KORE’S Additional Features 

Other key features that KORE highlights have to do with pricing, total security and anonymity and speed. They promise extremely low transaction fees. There is also no central point of failure. Apart from that, they claim to have no chargebacks, zero counterfeiting and the transactions are ’virtually instant’. They also boast efficient and streamlined services.