Investment Platform For Cryptocurrencies Developed By MIT Grads

Investment Platform For Cryptocurrencies Developed By MIT Grads

The Enigma Project by MIT Grads has paved way for the development of an investing platform that allows a more secure and faster investment of cryptocurrencies.

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The Enigma Project operated by a group of grad students from Massachusetts Institute Of Technology (or MIT) is probably the next big leap in cryptocurrency technology. This San Francisco based project has paved way for the development of an investing platform that allows a more secure and faster investment of cryptocurrencies in comparison to the existing exchanges. The MIT grad students have described this Enigma Project to be a decentralized computation network that comes with guaranteed privacy.

According to one of Enigma’s blogs, this investing tool is known as the Catalyst, and it provides a machine based investment platform for cryptocurrencies. This platform can prove useful to developers who are interested in the use of artificial intelligence for trading cryptocurrencies.

Catalyst is essentially a protocol that functions to merge the existing exchanges into one scalable and fast decentralized system. It is the claim of the developers that this platform incorporates the use of a cross-exchange protocol, which can potentially undergo off-chain operations in a manner that is trustless.

Another claim made by the team is that the goal of this tool is to rattle the technology that drives existing exchanges in the same manner that the Raiden and Lightning networks will disarray the payments. The Raiden as well as Lightning offer leverage to off-chain networks in transferring assets.

Insufficiency In Existing Exchanges

The MIT grad students’ team also claims that the existing exchanges have been known to halt payments, with some cases of asset losses. Some of the recently developed decentralized exchange protocols have also shown to lack in low latency based features for supporting the trading infrastructure practically.

Based on a Catalyst White Paper, the team found interest in refined and practical cryptocurrency trading while developing Enigma, but the team also discovered that the tool required back testing of algorithms as well as required moving the algorithms to paper in order to execute live trading. It was also difficult for the team members to transform the data of cryptocurrency market manually to be used in artificial intelligence modes. Therefore, it was decided by the team to develop tools that would help developers come up with more advanced and secure trading strategies. It would help regular investors to invest through sophisticated trading strategies that developers build.

The Rising Demand For Crypto In Stock Market

One of the Enigma co-founders, Guy Zyskind, said to Fast Company that loads of trading in present day stock market takes place through artificial intelligence. He also said that cryptocurrency traders are also demanding the same kind of trading practice.

Enigma is supposed to launch the tool in a beta version for developers within the next 2 months, helping the developers to upload code, based on the trading strategies they prefer, to this platform. This will allow investors to create the track records of losing and earning money. Within a time frame of several months, with the availability of performance records, the company will then make this site open for outside investors, giving them the opportunity to invest in funds that they choose.

Possibility Of Limited Access

Zyskind also said that it is quite possible that the company will provide limited access to investors who are qualified. The federal securities laws state that the annual income of such investors generally amount to $200,000, or they might have assets worth $1 million. These individuals have enough assets for risky investments.

The Chief Product Officer of Enigma, Can Kisagun, opines that the company intends for average individuals to make investments in cryptocurrencies. Zyskind added that investors who are interested in experimenting with more sophisticated and refined trading strategies presently have limitations to off-the-shelf, open source trading bots. Open source investments do not get documented properly and may prove risky for an investor, even if the investor has a good knowledge in coding.

Versatility In Data

With Catalyst, data can be made available for use in effective automated trading, including analyses of cryptocurrencies based on social media posts and news stories, and factual recorded price information. Enigma also invites various users for developing individual data that they can offer to other individuals looking to set up funds or looking for metrics on how and when trading is right, at a considerable fee.

Since the cryptocurrency community is still evolving, the essential data sources still remain to be scarce and fragmented. Enigma hopes to make changes in this landscape so that it becomes more similar to those financial markets that are mature.


With the help of a project like this, the market of cryptocurrency can be made more agreeable to average fund managers or investors instead of only cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Zyskind also opines that there is no saying as to how big this cryptocurrency market can turn out to be.