Introduction To USC (Ultimate Secure Cash) Coin

Introduction To USC (Ultimate Secure Cash) Coin

USC (Ultimate Secure Cash) is another digital currency in the market that comes with nearly instant and secure features. It comes with a secret advanc

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USC (Ultimate Secure Cash) is another digital currency in the market that comes with nearly instant and secure features. It comes with a secret advanced technology that is expected to provide a secure and trusted system for the transactions in the digital market. It is also expected to revolutionize the world of cryptocurrencies and the business environment. Ultimate Secure Cash acknowledges the fact that only creating coins cannot bring innovation and hence it came up with a model to have the own local community that can support the cryptocurrency and liquidity.


Ultimate Secure Cash also supports the features of Premine and PoW block. This has enabled the cryptocurrency to be distributed to the angel investors with the aim that they will become the main supporters of USC.

It also offers a nominal stake interest of 12% in the first year that encourages the merchants to own the stake in the currency. It also lets the USC to attract new merchants from the local community market as well. However, the interest is reduced to 6% annually from the second year onwards.

Completely risk-free coins are another important feature of the Ultimate Secure Cash. The coins are only hedged with the selective companies that enable to reduce the risk of the cryptocurrency. The USC is only distributed to large local companies with whom they are working closely, and this makes the attractive feature to the big companies as the customers. USC also aims to grow its local community market instead of having the instant dump.


Ultimate Secure Cash comes with the PoS (sha 256) Proof of Stake Algorithm. This algorithm helps the USC cryptocurrency to achieve distributed consensus. PoS Algorithm does not give the reward to the miners as it is done by PoW (Proof of Work) Algorithm. In Proof of Stake Algorithm, the block of USC cryptocurrency depends on the wealth or the stake of the forgers. Therefore the currency is minted under this algorithm rather than mined. The miners only get the benefit of transaction fees rather than the reward for mining. The minimum transaction fee paid to the miners is 0.0001USC. It also protects the currency from attackers because they would need to have a high percentage of stake in the network to get its control.


USC cryptocurrency has also improved on the feature of blocktime over the other cryptocurrencies. It can update and verify the transactions in the ledger only at the blocktime of 60 seconds. This reduces the processing time for the transactions, and hence the merchants do not have wait for verification of transactions. Nevertheless, there is a debatable issue that needs to be addressed as it can lead to the security problems. However, USC to address the problem has put a difficulty re-targeting on every block.


Ultimate Secure Cash is coming with the new technology that has the vision to grow in the local community market. It also offers the benefits to the merchants for the secure and fast cryptocurrency. The features like reduced blocktime and Proof of Stake Algorithm make it the interesting factors for the merchants. However, the technology is always changing and is revolutionizing that can give a significant threat to the currency. Similarly, other marketing factors are there that can affect the success of the currency in the future.