Introduction To Triggers (TRIG) Token by Blocksafe

Introduction To Triggers (TRIG) Token by Blocksafe

TRIG token is a blockchain technology by Blocksafe and it’s trending in the cryptocurrency market right now since it provides a secure way of money transfer.

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In simple layman’s term, cryptocurrency is a form of digital currency that makes use of some form of encryption to regulate and generate units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating outside of a central bank. Our center of focus lies with TRIG, a form of token developed by Blocksafe. On the other hand, Blocksafe is a blockchain-based system that provides a very secure access, a personal monitoring and control of smart guns technology. It makes use of Lisk sidechain technology to build out the blockchain and issues a new token on that very blockchain, named Trigger (TRIG). In addition to this, Lisk is a public blockchain platform that provides decentralized blockchain apps, forked from Crypti. Moreover, it is the responsibility of the Blocksafe foundation to develop the blocksafe protocol.

TRIG token is a blockchain technology by Blocksafe which is quite new, and it’s trending in the cryptocurrency market since it provides a secure way of money transfer with the safest encryption methods. Despite the numerous currencies out there, the TRIG is one of the best ones to use as it happens to be the native currency of Blocksafe system and powers it.

The smart guns have some form of embedded technology which ensures that unauthorized parties do not fire weapons of any kind. Blocksafe ensures improved security and privacy to every type of gun technology hardware supported by it. If anunauthprised person tries to use this type of gun within the blocksafe network, then the owner is notified by the network via his/her smartphone. However, these guns are quite controversial within the gun industry and gun enthusiasts think that this security technology is unreliable. Triggers (TRIG) tokens store data on the ledger, which means they will work with the smart gun technologies, locks, magazines and other forms of manufactured user-created hardware.

According to the statistics, the blockchain market will be worth $2,313 million by the year 2021, since a lot of people are opting for this form of currency and self-defense mechanism. The mining within blockchain technology started when bitcoins came into the market, as they had to be securely transferred from one place to another. In addition to this, the whole idea of TRIG came up which enhanced user security and self-defense mechanism through the smart guns.

In conclusion, the main aim of Blocksafe was to create a smart gun technology for security purposes. As far as the triggers are concerned, it is a machine to machine token that’s used to power the BlocksafeSmartgun technology network economy. In addition to this, they power each and every event that takes place between a series of smart devices, be it phones or laptops that participate in the Blocksafe network. The motto followed by the Blocksafe is that security is a human right and no one should be denied it, hence outing Smart gun and triggers in the picture. An advantage of the Blocksafe is that it provides full anonymity to the users of this service ensuring that the smart gun tech operates at its full potential. As controversial as this technology might sound to some, it happens to be a safer choice for others.