Insight Into Matchpool’s Cryptocurrency

Insight Into Matchpool’s Cryptocurrency

Matchpool is popularly known as a new-age matchmaking application. However, this app has many other uses, because it can be implemented in other indus

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Matchpool is popularly known as a new-age matchmaking application. However, this app has many other uses, because it can be implemented in other industries among them; recruitment, education, leisure and membership clubs. In essence, this is a platform that seeks to connect people while providing useful incentives like the implementation of reward mechanisms. In light of this, Matchpool is notable for employing cryptocurrency within its platform to provide for dynamic interaction. In addition, it breaks barriers by pioneering a different protocol in this respect. Below is an insight on how this app functions; where the digital currency is concerned.

This platform is built to work on a cryptographic economy. In many ways, this is the first mainstream dating platform that utilizes this currency. The currency here or token is commonly known as Guppies (GUP) or Guppy token. These tokens can be acquired or sold using real money. The Matchpool algorithm is then able to automatically reward users in the platform. This algorithm is trusted to deliver accordingly. There are many ways in which users can earn Guppies in the system. Keep in mind that this dating app allows users to create their own pools or spaces where they can conduct their interactions. These pools form groups which are brought together by their defined demographics. To begin with, being a user will earn you tokens.

Anyone can be a pool founder and this gives them the power to set entry fees and even subscriptions fees. The founder also referred to as the matchmaker will earn tokens when they attain successful matches in their pool. These membership fees are implemented using Guppies. Earning these tokens by users or members is an incentive that keeps the fun going. People who help others make connections are called helpers. Any user can take the responsibility of being a helper by connecting people within a pool. Being a helper will see you earn more points and this will translate into more Guppies. This means that they will receive a share of the monthly revenue. Upon joining, female members earn some automatic Guppies or tokens. This gives them power to enter initial pools.

Playing matchmaker as alluded to will earn you more tokens. There are many other ways to maximize the acquisition or mining of Guppies. This is because developers can use monetization tools or features to get more points. Therefore, Matchpool is a decentralized uniting protocol that utilizes group connections to implement a cryptocurrecy economy. At the end of the day, this platform helps people find the right connections and even find love.