InPay Review – The First Dual Blockchain Token

InPay Review – The First Dual Blockchain Token

A few years back, the term "cryptocurrency" was alien to most people. But with each passing day, they are growing in popularity. It has become a very

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A few years back, the term “cryptocurrency” was alien to most people. But with each passing day, they are growing in popularity. It has become a very popular mode of investment. And if you are looking to enter into the cryptocurrency market, then you should definitely consider InPay. The best thing about InPay is that it provides dual blockchain features which combine Waves and Ethereum technology. It is listed on various reputed exchanges like Cryptopia and EmboEX. Hence, you can trust the brand and their client base is also increasing at a rapid rate.
InPay Wallet: Their wallet is very well designed. If you have used an Ethereum wallet before, you won’t face any difficulty. And even if you haven’t used one, it won’t take you much time to get used to the various features which the wallet offers. It is very easy to add assets to the wallet.

Voting system

Another main advantage of InPay is that they follow a voting system where all the users can cast their vote and be a part of the decision-making activities. Many cryptocurrency companies often make some changes to their system which is not liked by the users. But in this case, you will have a say in the future projects of the company.

InPay Explorer

The Ethereum Wallet to some extent can act as an explorer. However, in order to provide a much more effective and better experience to their clients, InPay has designed their own Explorer. There are various sections in the Explorer which will give you access to plenty of information. The sections are:
1. Transactions: On this page, all your recent transactions are recorded. By clicking on a transaction, you will get all the details relating to the transaction.
2. Aliases: In this section, you will find information about all your recent alias purchases. The price will also be mentioned.
3. Exchanges: Here you will find details of all the recent exchanges. You will be able to get various information like the token amount and the address of the sender and recipient.

Some of the features about InPay are

1. Cheap Transactions: One of the reasons why so many people are attracted towards the InPay platform is because of the low transaction costs. Apart from being cost effective, the transactions are also very quick. And because of the decentralized infrastructure, the mining power is very good. You also don’t have to worry about the security of your account. InPay wallet is extremely safe and no one will be able to access your account.
2. User-Friendly: Even if you haven’t used Blockchain before, you won’t face any difficulty. This platform is perfect for beginners. You can also use InPay’s alias system to learn cryptocurrency trading.

Thus, if you start using the InPay platform, you will have a wide range of features right at your disposal. No other cryptocurrency platform can match InPay in terms of flexibility and stability. In spite of having a wide range of features, the interface is not very complex. It is the ideal platform for beginners.