iDice – A Decentralized Ethereum Casino Dice Game

iDice – A Decentralized Ethereum Casino Dice Game

We have come a long way since the days when people used to trade commodities with commodities in the absence of cash or any currency. But today, thing

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We have come a long way since the days when people used to trade commodities with commodities in the absence of cash or any currency. But today, things have changed a lot. There is a new contender to the currency game, thanks to the internet or networked systems and cheap computing power.

Cryptocurrency increasingly disrupting the duopoly of currency as days go by. They include Bitcoin and its peers. And we are going to look closer at one of its peers known as iDice (ICE). It has caught the attention of many investors who are willing to play the game. It also comes in handy as a fair gaming for mobile devices.

Many others have followed their channel and taken advantage of the enormous potential in the gambling sector, Ethereum smart contracts and the booming ICO markets.

There is no doubt that iDice is increasingly changing Ethereum dicing. They truly aim to be one of the leading dice games in the world. And this can be manifested with the improvements they’ve made over their competitors. As a matter of fact, they have a lot of potential to expand their user base, thanks to the multi-billion dollar cryptocurrency industry. Also, their competitors are getting a few bets as compared to them.

iDice has made it easy for users to play straight from their wallets by integrating their application into other Ethereum wallet apps.

Main Characteristics of the iDice ICO

  • This ICO was created using approximately 5,000,000 iDice tokens.
  • There will be no more tokens created after closing this ICO.
  • Any other tokens that will not have been used will get destroyed.
  • The development team will receive approximately 500,000 iDice tokens.

iDice Developement

iDice has more plans in store for investors that will see them expand their gambling games. Take note that iDice is the only Etherium-powered dice project to conquer the mobile gaming niche.

iDice developers will focus on creating other casino games after establishing itself as a mobile device powerhouse.

The number of iDice tokens that a player holds will determine their part of iDice profit. iDice will draw players who place their bets in Ether with competitive and low house edges.

Once the ICO is over, investors will get the chance to sell their tokens in the market.

Is iDice ICO profitable enough?

Well, there is still big room for mobile Ethereum-powered dice; hence nobody knows how big the market will get. But it has high potential of delivering tremendous profits.

As an investor in this industry, I would urge you to take a leap of faith after investing in iDice ICO. In addition, all investors should get familiarised with the following facts:

  • iDice has set the pace as the first Ethereum-powered dice game for mobile users.
  • iDice has a great opportunity to develop other classic casino games for mobile users before its competition. They hope to beat Edgeless, Etheroll and vDice in this niche.
  • This gives iDice an upper hand in an industry that no one knows how big it may get.
  • It is necessary to isolate the amount of traffic that is looking for dice games after isolating bitcoin and mobile fiat gaming.
  • Ethereum is increasingly growing as days go by and it will eventually become a big platform in online mobile gambling industry.