Hyperledger Welcomes The Chinese Baidu

Hyperledger Welcomes The Chinese Baidu

Hyperledger, an open source collaborative project in blockchain technologies, has announced that Baidu has joined the project as a Premier member.

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Hyperledger, an open source collaborative project created to innovate in the area of blockchain technologies and led by the Linux Foundation, announced that Baidu has joined the project as a Premier member in an official press release.

Other Hyperledger Premier members are listed as follows: Accenture, Airbus, American Express, Change Healthcare, Cisco, CME Group, Deutsche Borse Group, Daimler, Digital Asset, DTCC, Fujitsu, Hitachi, IBM, Intel, J.P. Morgan, NEC, r3., SAP, Tradeshift and Wanda FFan Technology.

Baidu, Inc., the newly announced Hyperledger member, operates as an internet search provider, which offers internet search solutions and online marketing solutions. The company is described as an e-commerce platform with an online payment tool that develops and markets web application software, while providing human resource related service. According to Forbes, their market cap is $59.9 billion.

“It’s exciting to see a company like Baidu, which serves the world’s largest Internet user population, join Hyperledger.”, said Brian Behlendorf, Executive Director, Hyperledger.

He said that adding such an important member can help Hyperledger leverage as they look to expand their reach further in Asia, where they want to drive more global production deployments of Hyperledger technology.

Hyperledger claims to have grown to more than 160 members that are spread across various industries like finance, healthcare, the Internet of Thing and aeronautics, among others.

“We believe blockchain technology will allow us to better tailor our search technology to our users’ needs by enhancing the way we optimize local tastes and preferences. We’re thrilled to be part of Hyperledger and look forward to collaborating with other members to drive open blockchain solutions forward.”, commented Zhang Xuyang, Vice President of Baidu, as quoted by Hyperledger`s official statement.